How To Deal with a Nagging Wife

One of the most common complaints that husbands have is a nagging wife. Because your wife is someone that you have promised to stay with and live within sickness and in health, until death do you part, you need to find out effective ways to deal with your wife’s nagging without letting the nagging get in the way of your marriage. Here are some steps to help you cope and deal with the nagging.

  • Find the reason. First of all, you should understand that wives do not actually nag out of fun. Some people make stereotypes about nagging wives, as if wives have nothing better to do than to nag. In reality, however, there is usually a reason for why wives act the way they do. Think of your wife as a human being, and like any human, there are underlying reasons, which make them act the way that they do. If your wife is nagging you, chances are that there are some things that you may have forgotten. These can be simple things, such as a promise to take her to dinner or to pick her up from work. No matter how little these things may be, however, they can be very annoying especially if you keep on making the same mistakes.
  • Keep your calm. Remember to keep your composure when you need to talk to your wife about her nagging. Remember that you are in a permanent relationship with your wife, and that you need to keep the relationship as smooth as possible. When you confront your wife about her nagging, do so in a kind and calm manner. Do not sound too accusatory. Instead, simply mention that her frequent reminders are a bit off. Try to solicit her side of the story, and then try to explain your own situation. Also, make sure that you do not talk back right after you have had a ‘nagging encounter’ or episode. This is a surefire way of stirring up some trouble between you and your wife.
  • Listen. Some men have grown so accustomed to the nagging that they no longer listen to what the wife is actually saying. This, in turn, is one of the reasons why the wife continues to nag –because they see that the man is not listening. The next time you feel that your wife is nagging you, try to actually listen to what points she is trying to get across. If she has a point, then you should try to make some amends. If you think that she is over-reacting, however, you may need to stand up for yourself sometimes. When standing up for yourself, however, you should remain calm and kind.

Finally, remember that you have promised to love your wife, and that love is supposed to be the basis for the marriage. As annoyed as you may be at your wife’s occasional nagging, you should remember that this is only a minor challenge in your married life. Remember, marriage requires hard work, compromise, and patience.


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