How To Deal With Your Girlfriend's Pet

If you plan to date a girlfriend with pets, be prepared to accept Fido as family. Animal lovers are a unique breed of people, who show devotion, kindness and compassion to their pets. This is a good thing, so don't rock the boat.

When courting your new girlfriend, be ready for jealousy from the family pet. It is normal for a dog or cat to be protective of their loved one, and quite frankly, they don't know who you are or what your intentions will be. Similar to the papa with a shotgun, your girlfriend's dog is just looking out for her well being, and you must learn to respect his behavior. In the slim chance you become fast friends on the first meeting, then you don't have much work to do. However, if there's some growling and covert nipping behind her back, you have some adjustments to make to put your girlfriend at ease that you will fully accept her beloved pet.

When you enter the house, sit down quickly; this is a less threatening position to the dog. Extend an open hand in hope of a lick, or draw your hand back if you see teeth. By extending your hand in friendship to the animal, he will know that you don't intend to threaten him.  He will then watch his mistress' behavior toward you and soon learn that you are to be tolerated. The more the dog or cat gets to know you, the more he will come to believe that you belong there.

These first meetings work best when your girlfriend is present during the initial phase, as she is the mediator to smooth out the wrinkles. However, if she leaves the room and you clip the dog's ear, be sure he will tell on you. Gaining an animal's trust and respect must be earned, and animals don't soon forget people who are bad to them. Your girlfriend is in tune to her pet, so you will get away with nothing behind her back.

Your girlfriend will want to bring her dog on occasional outings, so be sure to accommodate the pooch in your car. Place a towel on the back seat and be sure to bring an empty bowl and bottled water when you're out for the day. He will also need a flat plate and a can of food so he can have his meals when you do. Being considerate of her beloved pet will earn you brownie points in the long run, so don't fight it when she pampers the pooch. Instead, work hard to be friends with the animal and reap a harvest of peace and happiness.

If the pet is really something you cannot stand, then it's best for you to exit the relationship. It does not take people very long to size up someone's character, and those who are unkind to innocent beings have something lacking in their soul that can never gel with an animal lover.


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