How To Decide if Texting is Dangerous for your Teen

Do you remember back then when chatting on the Internet was the trend?  Well, with mobile phone technology bringing you the ability to send text to other phones, chatting has gone mobile. Like its predecessor, texting can be quite dangerous and hazardous especially when your children do it with reckless abandon, most especially your teens. In fact, many children have regressed in their development because of texting. This is why a lot of parents have moved to limit their child’s access to their mobile phones. Here are some things that you should reflect on to know if texting is dangerous to your children.

  • Texting at heavy volumes. One way to find out if your child has gone out of control when it comes to texting is by examining his cellular phone bill. Each bill has a compilation of text messages sent out within a monthly billing period. You will be able to see the numbers where the text messages were sent to, the time each message was sent, and the frequency. You can now determine who they text, how often they text, and when they text. Pay close attention on the numbers since you will want to keep track the people your child communicates with. If the communication is with people you know, then you are pretty much safe. Once that has been sorted, examine when the messages were sent out. Determine if the messages were sent out while the child was in school or late at night when he should be sleeping. If the answer is a resounding yes, then you may have something to really think about as it is obvious that texting is becoming a hurdle against his total development.
  • Look at his grammar. Most children use shortcuts when typing text messages. For instance, if he types in “wat tym?” this actually means “what time?”. While this is understandable since sending out text messages actually have limitations in number of characters in a message. However, if these misspelled words begin to creep up in how he writes letters or notes, then you may want to limit his text messaging usage. Text messaging has actually been proven to ruin a person’s word spelling capability, not to mention grammar.
  • Don’t text and drive. Many accidents have been caused by extreme negligence due to the fact that the driver was texting while driving. There is legislation to prohibit this but some teenage drivers still violate it thinking that they can actually multitask both actions. If your teenage child has a license to drive and you have caught him more than once texting while driving, then you should try to enforce more rigid strategies and rules to get him off that very risky habit.
  • Other side-effects. Texting is dangerous to one’s health as well. This is especially the case for children. Heavy texting can actually cause carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases, it will shorten the attention span of a person. You will also have to deal with the radiation that cell phones emit as well that could affect the brain and other organs in the body. This has not really been scientifically proven but it is still a likely possibility.

The occasional use of mobile phones by your child for texting is harmless however; it can well become an addictive past time that can cause a lot of damage to the development of your child. This is the danger and you would do well to explain to your child the negative effects of texting so that he will tread with utmost care. Now, for a more drastic approach, simply limit his use until he is at a more mature and responsible age in his life.


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