How To Decipher Mixed Messages While Dating

Effective communication is significant, especially during the early stages of dating. This will ensure that effort and time are not wasted. Master the interpretation of mixed messages en route to having a good time with a genuine person that might end up as your perfect match.

  1. Take control of your emotions. Establish a realistic boundary between what you hope to happen and what is currently taking place. Objectivity is the name of the game. Observe yourself to determine if you are acting rationally as false hopes can lead you to regretful situations.
  2. Keenly choose what to believe in. It is inevitable that you will be faced with an individual who is reluctant to be involved or committed. If such person has complete honesty to admit his present state, then do not force the issue. If things don’t go well the ending may be unpleasant for the both of you. Hormones can fire up during the dating game. A person can easily blurt out sweet nothings. Do not be carried away particularly by future fantasies. Accept the concrete aspect of your situation such as a plan to go out on a specified day of the week in a place you both agreed on.
  3. You are not a race horse. Take things slowly and maintain the distance set by objectivity. It will be suicidal on your part to invest deeply during the onset of a relationship. You will have an easier time interpreting mixed messages when you practice observing the behavior and decision-making scheme of the other party. Focus on taking care of yourself before running hard for the finish line.
  4. Observe the Golden Rule. If you do not want to receive confusing cues from the other person then make it a point to be clear with what you want. There is no point in playing mind games especially if you are not prepared to be on the losing end.
  5. Get the facts straight from the right camp. If you have problems determining the true meaning behind your current partner’s signals and behaviors ask the persons who can give you reliable responses. Guys should learn to ask advice from the girls while the ladies should take time to talk with the men.
  6. Be patient with the waiting game. When doubt clouds your horizon do not engage in actions that can ruin a good start. Allow for time and space when you are not a hundred percent accurate about the messages you are receiving.
  7. Test the waters by asking. The best way to figure things out is by confronting the person and clarifying what his messages mean. Don’t play around and go straight to the point. His answers will give you a deeper understanding about your options. If he has the decency to talk about issues that are bothering you then you can take the risk of moving to the next level but if you are treated with avoidance and riddles, then it will be better to explore other possibilities.
  8. Reciprocity is not a bad thing. You should not allow your present relationship to be marked by anxious moments involving mixed messages. Go for a person that gives you a hint of positive outcomes.

Bear in mind that every time you share a piece of yourself there is a constant risk for pain and misery. Be ready to take blows with each forward motion.


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