How To Decipher Teen Sex Slang

Teens do not only change physically. You have to put extra consideration into their social alteration. A tight grip and awareness of their behavior and activities are significant in ensuring safety and proper development.

Teens can present themselves differently. They dress in ways which are at times inexplicable. Moreover, they can be secretive. They can do this by utilizing modes of communication that are unique to their group. Here are some tips that can aid you in deciphering slang used by your teenager, particularly when it comes to sex.

1.    Observe how your child talks. At the arrival of puberty your child will be exposed to various areas that you do not have control of. Even though you are assured that you’re child is attending school daily you cannot oversee all his activities and the people he chooses to be with. Make it a habit to observe if there are changes in the way your child talks. By doing so, you will have an idea regarding the degree of influence his peers has on him especially in the way he communicates and interacts when you are around.

2.    Reach out. If you feel like there’s something wrong with the way your child is acting more so on how he speaks on the telephone or chat during your presence then you must act quickly. A good parent and child talk is a smooth way to prevent conflict from stacking up. Tell your child that he should not be using secret codes that you cannot understand. This may be a challenging method at first but you must persevere for the sake of your child.

3.    Enter their world. If your efforts in communicating with your child do not amount to something good then it’s time to acquaint yourself with the common teen jargon, especially those linked with sexual activities.

  • Watch out as oral sex is not considered as actual sex in some teen standards. If you hear your child whispering or mentioning ‘outercourse’ be alarmed and look for the best remedy possible.
  • Your child is not hungry when he blurts out ‘tossing salad’ as this stands for anal sex.
  • Be weary of your child’s intention to go to a ‘rainbow party’. It has become a frequent endeavor for the present generation of teens. Each girl present has her designated color of lipstick. A ‘rainbow effect’ is created via each girl’s effort to put her mouth around the penis of the boys in the party.
  • Do not allow your precious little girl to be coined as ‘dirty’. This only means that she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease.
  • ‘High five’ is not a thrilling term for teen sex slang. This signifies that the person tagged is HIV positive.
  • Nowadays, ‘Hoovering’ is used by teens to resolve a problem created by unsafe sex. It is their answer to avoid the responsibility of unwanted pregnancy. Yes, hoovering is how the present batch of teens calls abortion.

4.    Watch out for inappropriate abbreviations. Teens utilize uncommon abbreviations in text and chat. Here are some of the must-knows.

  • NIFOC: Nude in front of computer
  • LHOS: Let’s have online sex
  • IWSN: I want sex now

There are online sites and monitoring software that can ease up your quest to understand your teen’s lingo. Use them well to protect your child both from opportunists and himself.


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