How To Decorate a Candlestick for a Wedding

Considered symbolic, candles are major items in weddings. They represent light, health, energy and longevity, which are on top of every new couple’s wish list. They are lit during the wedding ceremony and are also used as wedding table centerpiece at the reception.

Wedding candles are usually mounted on candlesticks that are commonly decorated according to the theme of the occasion. To decorate a candlestick for a wedding, take note of the following tips:

  • Bring out these basic materials: flowers, paint, ribbon, votive candles, tea lights, wires and candlesticks. If you want to be more elaborate though, you can also use these materials: crystal strands and crystal prisms.
  • Ask an engraver to etch the names or initials of the couple, and the date of the wedding on the candlestick. Find a store specializing in accessories as they commonly give free engraving services for items bought by their customers. Choose a nice font and style that will suit the taste of the bride and groom. Candlesticks may also be given to guests as tokens from the occasion. Miniature candlesticks can be ordered from shops selling wedding accessories.
  • Attach crystals at the bottom of the candlesticks. You may use a glue gun or you can puncture small holes where the crystals can fit snugly. Crystals in various colors can be bought from craft and gift shops.
  • Decorate the candlesticks with ribbons of the same color motif. So if the wedding color motif is pink, you can attach pink ribbons with a touch of violet highlights for a more dazzling look. Roll the ribbons around the candlesticks and then gather them towards the front and tie them to form a bow. Secure the ribbons with glue to make sure they do not get dislodged from the candlesticks.
  • Tie a bunch of little flowers on one side of the candlesticks with the use of tiny, invisible wires. Place the flowers just above or below the crystal decorations for added color and jazz. You can make miniature versions of the bridal bouquet and fasten them to the center of the candlesticks.
  • Color the candlestick with hues that match the wedding color motif. Acrylic paint is the most suited kind of paint, as it does not smudge easily. You can create your own paint designs by adding lines and circles or dots on the brim.
  • Coordinate the colors and designs of the candles and candlesticks. For instance, if the candles already have elaborate designs, the candlesticks should be plainer hence you need to minimize on details like flowers and ribbons.
  • Envelope the candlesticks with tiny tea lights for a more enhanced look. Use votive candles as well in order to achieve a rich, elegant appearance.
  • Create a narrow brimmed dripping catcher at the lower part of each candlestick to prevent the melted wax from running down.
  • Arrange the candlesticks in clusters and set them in the middle of a floral arrangement. The size of the candles should be proportionate with the size of the candlestick hence tall candles should go with tall candlesticks.

When adding floral decorations to a candlestick for a wedding, see to it that the flowers are fresh, do not wilt easily and can last for long hours or days.


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