How To Decorate a Gazebo with Wedding Tulle

Whatta tulle! You can say that again. When your gazebo looks like it’s something off the pages of a fairytale book-slash-story, there must be tulle involved. Why not? Tulle is dreamy! Tulle is creamy!  

So then what are the best occasions for tulle? Well, a wedding. Definitely a wedding!

Here’s how:

  • You’ll need the following:
      • A bolt of white tulle, about 50 yards should do it. More if you have a particularly large gazebo.
      • Plain hula hoops
      • White paint. Get something you can spray from a can.
      • Brand new metal chains. Get the chain link kind that you can assemble or string together like sausages. You will need about 24 feet of this metal chain.
      • Garlands
      • Ribbons
      • Wire
      • Faux roses made from silk
      • Hooks
      • String
      • Scissor, bolt, pliers, and wire cutter
      • Measuring tape

  • Take the metal chains. Set aside batches of four pieces each about six feet long.
  • Paint both the hula hoops and the chains. You can spray paint thickly until every surface is covered. Make sure you allow ample time for the hula hoops and the chains to dry out completely. You can place these under direct sunlight to shorten the drying period.
  • Bunch up about four yards of tulle. Take the bolt of tulle and use a measuring tape to measure four yards. Use the bolt cutter to cut out four yards of the fabric. This should be enough for one hula hoop. So this means you keep cutting the exact measurement as you go along. Bunch this up and wound them around the hula hoop until the entire ring is covered. The tulle should overlap so that it will hold securely on the ring.
  • Secure each tulle-covered hula hoop with the wire. Use your pliers to cut and secure the ends of the tulle on the hula hoop.
  • Install the hooks on the ceiling of the gazebo. When you have accurately lined up the hooks on the ceiling, take one hula hoop and lay it flat on your work table. Secure a chain on its side and tie both ends together. Now if you recall, you made four chains for each hula hoop early on, right? Well then follow up your first chain link with the rest of the chain links until all the chains are evenly distributed on the entire hula hoop ring. Take the finished product up on the hook. Let it hang supported by the hook.
  • Use pieces of string to measure cascading tulle. You need the tulle to gracefully cascade to the floor of the gazebo. The string will be your proxy for this purpose. Cut a fairly long piece of string. Tie it to the top of each hula hoop and let it fall neatly to the ground. When you are satisfied with what you see, take the string off the hula hoop and use this to measure the length of the tulle that’s needed to achieve this effect.
  • Spread the tulle right down the middle. Use your hands to spread the tulle widely so that it comes out looking like a butterfly in flight. Take a long piece of ribbon, make a bow from it, then pin it on the center of the tulle.
  • Add the final touches of garlands and faux roses. Insert as many as space allows so that each hula hoop is just bursting with garlands and roses.

Now your walk down the aisle into the gazebo will make many weep with joy at your own fairytale ending! Congratulations, you blushing bride!


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