How To Decorate a Gift Registry Table for a Wedding

Bridal registry is a wonderful and intelligent marketing innovation of stores. Brides and grooms today register for the presents before the wedding date. This gives them the option of selecting and hand picking what items they would like to receive as presents so they don’t end up with a house full of things they don’t need. It saves the guests the hassle of having to think and wonder what present to give the marrying couple. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Many stores have a bridal registry service. Places such as Macy’s, Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond and other stores that sell home appliances, linens and furnishings offer a gift registry service to cater to their client’s needs. It’s important that the table where the registry is located is welcoming and non-intimidating for the customers. Here are some ideas on how to decorate a gift registry table.

  • Position the table at a visible location. The gift registry table should be easy to find. Most stores have it located at the front of the store, usually next to the customer service counter kiosk. You don’t want your customers wandering around the store trying to find the registry table.
  • Make sure it is clearly marked. There should be a sign above the table that will designate the table as the gift registry area. Make sure that all your sales people know where to direct customers. If there’s a specific person assigned to man the table, she should stand up to greet the customers.
  • Have a visible list. Some stores have a computer terminal wherein you have to type in the couple’s name before you can see if they are registered with the store. At other stores, there is a board that lists down all the couples that are registered with the store along with the date of the wedding. Whatever style you are using in your store, make sure that the information is easy to retrieve.
  • Place some flowers and other beautiful things on the table. Whether you have decorated the table to appear as a wedding reception table, or it is kept as a desk, make sure that you place lovely things on the table. A good idea is to place a vase of fresh flowers. Another is to place a silver framed photograph of a couple’s wedding picture. If you have other fine decorations such as Swarovski crystal figurines or a silver pen holder, you may want to include it also to give the couple ideas of what they can sign up for.
  • Avoid cluttering the table. When you arrange your decorations, there should be ample room for customers to fill out sheets or to peruse through a list of instructions or the registry list. Avoid placing too many items on the table. You still want to keep it functional. The table should be polished or if there’s a table cloth, make sure it’s clean.
  • Make sure the equipment is ready. Have the handheld scanners on standby. This is what the bride and groom will use when they go around their store and happily select their items. The computer terminal should be working and printing properly. Guests of the couple should be able to retrieve their list easily. Pens, paper and other necessary tools should be readily accessible.

Put careful attention to the details when decorating your wedding gift registry table at the store. The more high-end the retailer, the more beautiful and luxurious the table should be. Some premium retailers even have the registry as a closed off section of the sales floor. Position at least two seats in front of the table so the couple can take their time to fill out the information sheet. Your guests should feel comfortable and relaxed at the gift registry table so they can take care of their business in your store.


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