How To Decorate a Mother's Home for a Wedding

Decorating a Mother’s home for a wedding is a team effort but more important than that is to make sure you have your Mother’s blessings to cause a bit of an upheaval in the wedding preparations. It is after all, a wedding and it takes a lot of work and moving stuff around. Once your mother is super clear on what will happen to her precious home, China plates and all, you can now call in the crew to transform your Mother’s home into a wedding venue.

Here’s how to decorate your Mother’s home for a wedding:

  • Clear the area of clutter. Under your direct leadership and supervision, you must have to clear the wedding venue of stuff that you won’t need at your wedding. For example, bookcases, furniture, and other stuff that you might want to relegate to storage or the basement until after the wedding is done.
  • Clean and polish. Anything left from when you started your clearing operation, you will need to clean and polish. You can start by walking through the cleared space with a broom and dust pan in hand. Then when that is done, start polishing everything to a gleaming shine.
  • Place valuable and fragile collectibles in a box. You owe it to your Mother to take care of all the stuff she collected through the years. Before placing everything in storage, wipe everything down (when appropriate), wrap each one using bubble wrap, and place all the items inside sturdy storage boxes. Cart the boxes off to storage with utmost care.
  • Stick to the color theme of your wedding. Every decoration that you will put up or place inside your Mother’s home from here on end should be about the play of colors relevant to your wedding. Treat your wedding like a promotional campaign, it’s all about branding. You are the brand!
  • Begin decorating the entryway to your Mother’s home. In consultation with your wedding coordinator and designer, put up all the decorations that are meant to welcome your guests. You might want to put up twinkling lights, fresh flowers, dried twigs, or whatever else you think would be a very inviting sight for your guests to see once they head up the steps to your Mother’s home. Go as personal as you can. Why, even a larger-than-life cutout of you and your groom would be a welcome sight especially for those who want to know straight off that they’ve found the right address!
  • Decorate up a storm with a profusion of flowers and candles. Add some potted plants in areas like the bathroom and foyer. Use eternity candles, scented candles, and plain candles next to bouquets of the flowers of your choice.
  • Spread flower petals and potpourri on the floor. It will heighten the romantic ambience and on the practical side, provide a buffer for guests whose high heels may make clack-clacking sounds while walking on the floor.
  • Add a touch of fresh greens. In whatever season your wedding will take place, choose fresh and in-season greenery that will amp up the celebratory mood of your wedding. This won’t cost a lot.
  • Reserve space for you and your groom’s memorabilia. Your photos from when you were dating, his and your favorite hobbies, mementos from your trips and dates. Let this space be a sort of time capsule leading up to this day – your wedding day!

The final thing you need to do when you are done with decorating your Mother’s home is to run a critical and practiced eye on the setup. At this point, you can no longer take anything down but rather the goal should be to add a touch here and there to make the venue more intimate and special.


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