How To Decorate a Starlight Wedding

Most couples really invest quality time to make their desired wedding theme come true. People love romance so it’s natural for couples to choose a starlight motif for their wedding. The entrance in your reception hall or venue must be celestial. Use a starlit backdrop and a star motif in the seating chart to trigger the imagination of your guests. Choose gold or midnight blue as your wedding’s main color design, and use more confetti and twinkle lights to accentuate the main motif. Ask your preferred cake shop to create a starlight cake and other sweets. Your centerpieces must also match the theme of your wedding. Below are the steps and guides on how to decorate a starlight wedding.

  • Design the ambience of your wedding carefully. Your goal must to let your visitors feel that they’re travelling among the stars.  You can achieve it by creating a celestial gate or entrance. Your guests will certainly take pictures of the gate because it’s a memory worth remembering. Having a star filled background in the reception room is also enticing and pleasing to the eyes. Star designs and cosmic accessories are available at most decorating companies. If you have ample time, ask your friends to help you create homemade starlit motifs and designs. It’s certain that most of them are willing to help you.
  • Create a homemade seating chart. Microsoft Excel is a flexible computer software application in creating wonderful homemade seating charts. Create a monogram so you can have dancing stars. Name each table after a certain constellation or star like the Big Dipper, Pleiades or Ursa Minor.
  • Twinkle lights. They will accent the lighting and add drama to your wedding. Hang the twinkle lights from different areas across ceilings and then layer them around or across the main table so you can achieve a starlit effect.
  • Using tablecloth. Use a shady blue tablecloth as a layer for each table. Decorate the tablecloth with silver star and gold confetti.
  • Create your star designed centerpiece. Use stickers and paint glass containers with cream votives inside. If you’ll use flowers, use simple white roses and accentuate them with several twinkling candles. Placing them inside a transparent jar will make them look elegant.
  • Negotiate about your matrimonial cake. Ask the cake company or the baker to put star accents onto the layers of your cake. Adding a shooting star decoration that’s created with fondant frosting will make your wedding cake dreamy and more enticing.
  • Light box. You just need to use a dark paper and a shoebox. Hang the light box in the room’s center and open it before your wedding ends. As you turn the lights off, your guests will be amazed on the beauty of your interior starlit sky.

If you think that you aren’t that skilled in electrical wirings then ask the help of a professional to avoid unwanted accidents especially on your wedding day. Ask the help of friends to help you with the design so you can save money and time.

Having a starlight wedding will certainly please your guests as much as it will please you and your partner. Plan your wedding months way before the actual day so you can see the concerns that you need to work out. Enjoy your wedding and don’t forget to document it via print, photos, and videos because a starlight wedding is a testimony of your love for each other.


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