How To Decorate a Wedding Reception with Fabric

A wedding reception is not just a wedding essential to eat, dance, and meet with guests. It is also a spot that must showcase passion, romance, and warmth not only for the guests but also for the newlywed couple, too. But how can you transform a simple hall or a green yard into something perfect for the reception? Thanks to fabric. With your imagination and creativity, a wedding reception can be transformed to be at its best. Read on and learn how you can decorate a reception using a fabric.

  • Ceiling. A proper play of fabric can create a magnificent decoration in the ceiling. Prepare materials such as staples, cup hooks, and tacks. These things will help you attach the pieces of fabric onto the ceiling. Start arranging and securing the fabric at the heart of the ceiling or by the chandelier. Add as much fabric as you can squeeze at the starting point. Then, secure the fabric well enough once it reaches the wall. For an effect of a soft glow behind the fabric, add white Christmas lights behind it.
  • Napkin rings. Carry out a little project to make napkin rings in line with the reception theme of decorating with fabric. What you need here are toiler paper rolls and opaque-material fabric. Cut the roll into three and attach a properly-sized fabric in each one of them using craft glue. Make sure that the fabric matches the theme of the reception or the arrangements of the table. Add embellishments in the napkin rings such as a gem or a jewel.
  • Chairs. Get a fabric that matches the color of the wedding. Each piece of the fabric must be cut at around four or five feet in length. Use this piece of fabric to tie around the chair’s back in a style of a bow. For the chairs of the couple, play on different colors of fabric to make it distinct from the rest. Instead of making a bow, tie a knot at the chairs’ back and consider adding some fresh flowers to make them appear more special.
  • Tables. Cover the tables with fabric to give them a more inviting appeal. The fabric will also make a good table runner for some tables in the reception such as the serving tables, gift table, and cake table. When doing the design, use a pin to hold the design and fabric in place. Be creative about hiding the pinned areas by covering them with flowers or adding a bow.
  • Doorways. Decorate the doorways and arches in the reception with fabric by outlining both sides of the arch or doorway. Like other fabric projects in the reception, bows, flowers, and greenery can best help you cover pinned areas of the design.
  • Walls. The walls in the reception area including the boring or ugly spaces can be hidden with fabric. Let the fabric fall into panels from the top. Make sure that the color of the fabric is not off from the rest of the design and color of the reception.

Fabric can bring in colors and textures into the reception. That is what makes it a great material to decorate any wedding reception. With the proper play of fabrics and colors, a wedding reception will welcome the couple, the family, and the guests with grace and romance.


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