How To Decorate an Altar for a Wedding

Much like the groom and the bride, the altar is another center of attention in a wedding ceremony. Since the altar is where the couple stays the whole duration of the ceremony, all eyes and cameras are on the altar, too. Therefore, when preparing for a wedding, the altar must not be missed for decorating purposes.
The altar for a couple’s wedding does not need to be plain. It can reflect the couple’s personality and style depending on how well the decorator handles it. Here are some great ideas you can try to create a big difference in the altar during the most-awaited hour:

  • Discuss ideas with the officials of the venue. This is true especially if the wedding will be held in a church. It is important for you to get permission from them to decorate the wedding altar. Once you get the permission, discuss your ideas with them and ask whether they are allowed to decorate or not. Make necessary decorating adjustments based on the meeting with the officials of the venue.
  • Consider the bride's look during the ceremony. The wedding will create more drama if the altar complements the bride on the wedding day. For instance, check out the wedding color and the flower on the bride's bouquet. Make an altar centerpiece made of flowers similar to that of the bride. Work on other details of the altar following the wedding colors.
  • Do not forget the candles. The candles speak much about the ceremony and symbolize the life of the couple following the marriage. Therefore, give the candles a makeover by decorating the holders with leaves and flowers. Add ribbons too that match the motif of the wedding. Gather enough candles to light during the ceremony to give a flickering and shining effect to the altar.
  • Sprinkle petals on different areas of the altar. Rose petals will add a romantic feel to the altar. Hence, sprinkle some on the altar. However, you can use petals of other flowers if you do not want rose petals for this purpose.
  • Display different photos of the couple. Make photos of the groom and bride as the centerpiece of the altar to create a personal feel in the venue. It is a good idea to add pictures of the couple from various stages of their own lives to add more drama.
  • Add some garlands. Add around the altar edges some garland to complete the look. A garland that is made of different flowers and ivy is best to be used for wedding ceremonies.
  • Do not clutter the area. It is safe to add other personal items in the altar. However, take note not to overcrowd the area. Keep in mind that the altar is still a religious spot so give it the much-deserved respect by not overpowering religious offerings present in the altar with personal stuff.

The altar will form a big part in the wedding ceremony. Decorate the altar not only for the benefit of the people attending the ceremony but also to show respect to the Creator above.


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