How To Decorate for a Banquet Style Wedding Reception

Venue for the wedding reception

Having a banquet style wedding reception is an alternative to having a sit down dinner. It allows your guests to get as much food as they want and you won’t have to pay as many servers. It cuts down on your labor cost, but will make it seem like things are more plentiful. A banquet style may also mean that the tables will run lengthwise instead of the traditional round tables.

If you’re having a banquet style wedding reception, you must include your buffet table and bar set up in the decorations. Here’s how.

  1. Decide on your color motif and incorporate it in the wedding reception venue. Use only up to three colors at most. Use the color motif on your invitations, wedding entourage dresses, the colors of the flowers you will use and the table cloth, chair covers and linens you will use at the wedding reception.
  2. Tell your florist to create table pieces for the buffet table. It will use the same flowers as your regular table centerpieces, but will tend to be bigger. Depending on the style, these are place on the ends of the table or at the back, behind the food.
  3. For the buffet table, light up the back of the table with drop down Christmas lights. Hang several Christmas lights from the ceiling or from a rod and let it drop down naturally to the ground. Place sheer white panels of cloth over the lights. The effect will be ethereal! It will add illumination to your event, and it won’t cost much. You can reuse the Christmas lights during the holiday season.
  4. If you don’t have much of a budget for flowers, use cloth. Create swags of cloth on the front of the buffet table or have your caterer crinkle up cloth to add texture to the surface. You can add personalized touches, such as framed pictures of you and your man interspersed along the length of the buffet table and throughout the other tables.
  5. If you are using banquet style tables instead of circular tables, make your floral arrangements run lengthwise. Keep the arrangements low so your guests can see each other from across the table. If having an entire floral arrangement runner is too expensive, create low small arrangements and place it every few feet along the length of the table.
  6. Break up your rectangular tables. Instead of using extra long tables that can seat 25 to 50 people each side, break it up so that each side has no more than 5- 8 on each side. It will make it easier for your guests to move around and keeps the conversation cozy.
  7. Use candles for decoration. It adds dramatic lighting to the event, and a nice romantic atmosphere perfect for any wedding. Use either very tall candleholders or short votives so that the guests can see each other while seated.

Decorating your reception doesn’t have to cost much. Just be creative and you’ll achieve the effect you want, without spending much.


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