How To Decorate Your Spring Theme Wedding

Springtime can be a great part of the year to get married for several reasons. For one, the temperature has warmed enough to be comfortable. You can opt to have both the wedding ceremony and the reception outdoors. Holding your wedding during spring can also reduce the cost of various materials. Flowers, for example, are cheaper during spring, when they are in season.

Decorating your spring theme wedding will involve using color schemes that are in line with the look and feel of spring time. This will also involve using various plants and even wildlife.

Use a spring color scheme. Spring signals rebirth and renewal. Wintertime is over, and plants and trees are doing their best to start growing and blooming once more. You can use colors that correspond to this look. Use different shades of green in your entourage gowns, and in accentuating the venue. If you are asking your entourage to shoulder the expenses for their own get a few sample color swatches from your entourage to create their own dress, with the spring color scheme in mind.

Use butterflies. Another great possibility when having your wedding done during springtime will be butterflies. Consider visiting a butterfly farm, and asking how much they sell butterflies for. You can release the butterflies at one point in the ceremony. Just make sure to have them delivered right before the wedding, so that they will still hav

Use flowers. Apart from real butterflies, you can use flowers. These can either be acquired through online sellers or local florist’s shop. Be careful to choose flowers are ideal for placing around doorways. Seasonal flowers during springtime include those with different colors:

  • White – Garlic mustard, daisy, cow parsley, stickwort
  • Pink – rec campion, herb Robert flower
  • Blue - bluebells,  forget-me-not
  • Yellow: cowslip, dandelion, daffodils  

Decorate your cake. Spring usually comes with images of Easter. You can decorate your cake with Easter in mind. Have a few Easter eggs placed right on top of your cake. Your cake can also be oval in itself, particularly with the Easter theme.

Personalize your paper accessories. Aside from the venue itself, you will need to check on your wedding paper paraphernalia. You can design your wedding invitations, place holders and copy tarts with this in mind.

Personalize the tables. Instead of a center table made of flowers, how about one with M&M’s or other oval-shaped treats that resemble an Easter egg.

Personalize the music. Because it’s springtime, you can usually find your own Easter-related hymns for your ceremony. Songs like Morning has Broken can be appropriate for a wedding.

If money is a concern, you can check for local sources regarding the possibly least expensive materials. Springtime is usually off-season for weddings, so you might expect that wedding needs are less expensive.

Your wedding is once in a lifetime experience. Spring makes for a good season for a wedding. You can get in touch with nature, and you can explore alternative colors and nature-related environments.


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