How To Design a Pew Decoration for a Wedding

The pew decorations at a wedding greet the guests first as they eagerly walk into the church. Although the bride is undoubtedly the center of attention, the pew decoration helps in creating a good impression of the entire wedding ceremonies. Why?  Everybody gets to see them – your families, relatives, and friends. Your pew decoration, in a way, creates a certain degree of anticipation. In fact, it affords the wedding ceremonies a touch of elegance. So, if you are planning your own wedding soon, here are some tips on how to wonderfully design your pew decoration:  

  1. Get permission. Find out if your church allows pew decoration. Of course, if your church does not permit it, it is time for you to think of alternative. Now, if your church gives you the go signal, be happy. That’s really great news. For one, your planning can kick off. Also, your church can give you ideas on how the other weddings worked on their own pew decorations.
  2. Brainstorm with a team. Pool ideas. Talk to your families, relatives, and friends. Meet with your wedding coordinators. Get suggestions on how to make your pew decoration unique and memorable. If you and your fiancée have a personal preference, say it upfront. Your team can surely help you improve on it.
  3. Note the materials you need to use. Your pew decoration should not depend highly on glue, nail, or tape. They can damage your church’s pews. Think about getting some special holders. They are easily available in the market. You may also find out if your church or your florist can provide decorating materials.
  4. Decide whether you want to go traditional or modern. A traditional pew decoration includes bows and flowers. They are prominently set on each side of the aisle. The color of your bows and your choice of flowers should complement each other. On the other hand, a modern pew decoration incorporates balloons. Helium balloons are perfect in creating stunning arches. You may even imagine having a striking canopy made out of balloons. The canopy can magically transform your experience as you and your entourage walk down the aisle. Combining the traditional and modern elements in pew decoration can work well, too. But, try to make the combination more “focused”. Get inspiration from a “theme”. In the absence of a theme, develop a color scheme and design around it.
  5. Add a natural touch. What about potted plants?  Having them along the aisle can provide drama and vividness to your entire wedding ceremonies. You may also opt to transport the plotted plants to your reception area. You choice of plants is going to define the “character” of your wedding. So, choose wisely.

Once you have accounted everything in your pew decoration, you may need to get the services of a professional florist. She can help you maximize your budget and she can implement your pew decoration plan efficiently. If you have already gotten the services of a wedding planner, she can recommend a good florist for you. For this once-in-a-lifetime event, everything needs to perfect.


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