How To Detect Infidelity

When your partner is having an affair, there are signs everywhere.  That is what you hear in the movies and what you read in books. For the most part, this is true. The only problem with this is the fact that it is hard to figure out what the signs are or if it is just your overactive imagination.

Now, if you have a suspicion that your partner that you dearly love is having an illicit affair with somebody else, these signs can be hard to decipher. They are hidden deeply in code because there is no way he will just leave the clues lying around. Find out how to get through the smokescreen and detect if he is cheating on you. Read between the lines so that you can find if he is being true to you and then decide whether you still want to be with your guy or bolt.

Step 1

Open your eyes to how he is treating you.  If he is having an affair, then he will no longer be as interested in you as before. He will most often lose interest and be colder. Emotional distance occurs when someone else has gotten the attention of your man. You can cuddle and snuggle with him and if he refuses and gives excuses such as that he is tired or always busy, these are not good signs. Some men compensate to hide their affair and become more emotionally caring to you so look to see if he is overcompensating. If you are confused, proceed to the next step and get to know the signs a little bit better.

Step 2

Check if he suddenly needs time alone. If you had an open relationship before, an affair will change things. He will suddenly need to walk away when his mobile phone rings. He will react negatively to you going through his email or text messages. He could still just be hiding a gift from you, so don't react quite yet. Get more clues and proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Is he always out?  The effect of the affair on his schedule will be one of the hardest things to hide. When it comes to his time, there is always a finite amount. He can rearrange his schedule as much as he can, but there will be holes he cannot hide. He would be racking up hours in the office getting overtime after time.  Surprise him at work one day and see if he is there. If you catch him there, this is a good sign. See if he tries to get you to leave or becomes severely nervous.

The big problem in detecting infidelity is actually finding out. We can assume things are happening but that can land you in an even bigger mess. It is never a pleasant thing to know your partner is having an affair.  In the meantime, hope for the best and be true to yourself.  Examine your relationship and see how to move forward from your discovery.  And remember that in the end, the truth will set you free.


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