How To Display Silk Wedding Flowers

Using silk wedding flowers for a party or a wedding is advantageous if you want to keep the bouquets as remembrance for a special occasion. Displaying silk wedding flowers is quite easy. You can do this to remind you of your special day. The display case can be a focal point in any given room. Just follow the steps provided here to easily display silk wedding flowers in your home.

Here are the things that you can follow when you plan to display your silk wedding flowers:

  • Prepare the items. Some people want to add other items and memorabilia from the wedding inside the display case with their silk flower bouquet. This can include the wedding invitation, photos, ribbons, petals, etc. Prepare all the items that you want to include inside the display case for the silk flowers. It will also help if you try to recreate your arrangement so that you can have an idea on how big your display case should be.
  • Purchase a display case. Purchase a display case online. One website that you can check out is They sell different types of display cases for sports memorabilia, dolls and flowers. Purchase the size of the display case that you need. You can also choose to purchase many small display cases if you want to display your wedding items in separate cases.
  • Decorate the case. Some people want to keep it simple while others want to make their displays more fun. You can add other elements to your display case in order for you to make the display livelier. Cut out fabrics or use special paper to line the back and the bottom of the display case. You can also add trimmings on the edges of the display case.
  • Arrange the silk wedding flowers. Since you want the silk wedding flowers to be the focal point of your display, it is advisable that you put it in the middle of the display case. Afterwards, you can already start placing the other items around the flowers. Experiment with the arrangement and see which works best for the display.
  • Location. Choose a good location for your flowers. If you want to share the display with other people visiting your house, you can place it in the living room. If this is something that you want to keep private, you can just put it inside your room. Choose a place where natural sunlight will hit the display case so that you will not need additional lighting.

These are the things that you can follow when you want to display your silk flowers from your wedding. You can also do this for other items that you want to preserve such as your wedding dress, photos, postcards, etc. The design and arrangement of your items is completely up to you. You can do this project together with your husband or your close friends so that you can get their opinion on what type of arrangement to do.


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