How To Dress for a Winter Wedding

Bride wearing a winter wedding dress
If you've been invited to attend a winter wedding, you might be wondering what type of attire will be appropriate. You need to wear something practical that will keep you warm, but you also want to look great too. Not sure what to wear? Here are some suggestions on how to dress for a winter wedding.

Step 1

Wear the colors of the season. Winter weddings call for much different colors than spring or summer ones. While bright, colorful patterns are fine for warm weddings, the tones that you wear to a winter wedding need to be a bit subdued. To be sure you're always dressed in the right colors at a wedding, look to the colors of the season. In winter, wear rich browns and grays. Know that black is a timeless color that is quite appropriate for a winter wedding too. If you can't stand to live without a bit of color, wear it in your accessories. A deep, basic dress or suit accented with a brightly-colored scarf will give your look just a little punch of color.

Step 2

Casual weddings allow for somewhat casual attire. You can often judge the scale of a winter wedding by looking at the invitation. If it seems a bit more casual, then you can dress accordingly. (Or you just may want to ask the bride what type of clothing would be appropriate.) When dressing for a casual winter wedding, match a wool skirt with a nice sweater. Tights or nylons are okay, and it isn't necessary to wear heals. If you've got a wool dress, you could also wear that. Add a colorful scarf or shawl to bring a little bit of flare to your outfit without looking inappropriate. Ladies should always have a fancy sweater to wear over a dress or suit at a winter wedding.

Step 3

Formal winter weddings require a bit more style. A formal winter wedding calls for more formal attire than a casual one. Choose classier materials, such as satin and velvet. Female wedding guests will look great in a full-length satin or velvet gown. And it would be perfectly accented with a pashmina scarf. Leather shoes are suggested, and the height of the heel depends on your preference and the length of the dress. And a good rule of thumb for any wedding guest is the dressier the event, the smaller the purse.

Male wedding guests should dress in heavier fabrics like wool or tweed. A formal wedding suggests that men should wear a suit, and perhaps even a tuxedo. Again, talk to the bride about appropriate clothing for her wedding.

Step 4

Make sure your outfit is balanced. Before you head out the door on your way to a winter wedding, take a moment to ensure that you look okay. Because you're dressing in heavier fabrics and layers to keep warm at the winter wedding, you need to ensure that you're not wearing too much heavy fabric. Ask yourself if your outfit is balanced. Choose accessories that balance out your look and aren't too heavy. Dress for a winter wedding by considering the weather, the event and your own personal tastes.


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