How To Dress for Breastfeeding

If you're breastfeeding, that's good news for your baby! Breastfeeding is, hands-down, the best way to properly feed and nourish your newborn. However, that's not to say that this is the easiest. You would have to make some adjustments with regards to your time, eating habits, as well as outfits, in order to breastfeed effectively.  The good news is, all these challenges are highly achievable. With regards to dressing for breastfeeding, for example, there are many solutions that are available for you. So read on for some great tips to help you out:

Use loose T-shirts. This may be the easiest and simplest solution to breastfeeding your baby. Once your baby starts to ask for milk, simply pull up your shirt and hold your baby close to your breast. Then, lightly place the shirt over your baby and over your breasts, to lessen the exposure of your skin.  Know that your breasts can be covered through this option, although your stomach may remain exposed. If you don't want to cover your belly and stomach area as well, try wearing a tank top or camisole underneath your loose shirt. To feed your baby, simply pull down the camisole at the breast area, lift up your shirt, and let the baby nurse at your breast. Place the shirt over your baby's head. This way, your stomach area can be covered by your camisole.

Wear button-down shirts. This is another popular choice among nursing mommies. Simply unbutton your shirt from the bottom upwards, and stop once you get to the breast part. Cradle your baby until his mouth touches your nipple, and let the right and left portions of your shirt fall back over the baby. Again, you may want to wear a tank top or camisole underneath this shirt to lessen your skin exposure.

Wear outfits that you could easily pull down over the breast area. Some dress styles that are nursing-friendly include peasant-style blouses (which are loose on the top, so you could easily pull it down to your breast); loose and flowing baby-doll top (which you could easily lift from the bottom); and blouses with a deep, U-shaped neckline. You could choose to always bring a jacket or light sweater with you, to help further minimize the exposure of your body while you are breastfeeding.

Wear outfits that are specially designed for nursing mothers.  This may be the best option for you, except that this is also the most expensive. But then again, all the money you spend will pay off considering the convenience and fashion you will enjoy. Some of the online sites that you could order from for nursing dresses include the following:,, and

Some choices in these websites include dresses with a zipper over the breast area and wrap-around dresses that could easily be unwrapped over the breast. Also check out the nursing bras and even nursing swimwear available at some of these sites.

There you have it! These are just some easy techniques to dress for breastfeeding. Good luck, and hope this article helped you out!


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