How To Dress for Speed Dating

Speed dating is quite literally all about the first impression. Men tend to be very visual, so it's even more important to wear something that will catch his eye and leave an impression. In a speed dating situation, there are only minutes to gain his attention, so it's essential to wear something that is memorable, but in a positive way.

What Not to Wear to Speed Dating

Dressing to impress can be tricky. Some women can take it a little too far; these women show as much skin as possible, hoping that this will make a strong impression. It will, but it won't leave the right impression. In the opposite corner, some women will dress very conservatively and leave everything to the imagination. This can lead a speed dating partner to think she's boring or dowdy. First impressions are lasting and an entire relationship can hinge on that very first look.

Many women assume that more of everything is better and will make more of an impression. More jewelry, more makeup and more hairspray are not always good ideas. A man may only remember the accessories and not the woman wearing them.

How to Dress to Make the Right Impression

Most women allow their personalities to show in the way that they choose to dress. This is important in speed dating, because speed dating partners have little time to get know each other. Women should think about how they want to present themselves and dress accordingly. If a woman thinks of herself as flirty and fun, she might choose a cute skirt and a colorful blouse. A more conservative, quiet woman might choose a skirt and a pretty sweater set to complement her personality.

Women who should be comfortable and confident in their clothes. Wearing something brand new is not the best idea. Trying the outfit on and possibly wearing it out a couple of times is a good idea to determine if the fit is right and whether anything needs to be changed. A bad fit or a bra strap falling down during a conversation can be distracting.

Wearing something that stands out can also leave a good impression. A colorful scarf or necklace can make any outfit pop if worn correctly. A great accessory can even be a conversation starter.

Finding the right outfit for speed dating can be a challenge, but looking good can make anyone feel confident and a confident woman is always attractive no matter what she's wearing.


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