How To Dump a Married Man

Falling in love and getting intimate with a married man will always pose various complications in your life. Furthermore, an adulterous relationship can leave your own life screwed up and disorganized. While most women do not notice what has become of them until they hit the bottom, many women lured into an affair with a married were able to develop the courage and common sense to successfully dump and leave the undesirable relationship. If you are in the same situation and still the lack the courage and logic to dump your married boyfriend, read on and find some effective ways to say your last and final goodbye to him.

Be direct and clear with no doubts. The most effective way to dump a married man and to make sure that he does not bother or stalk you again is by telling him off directly. Tell him that you need to break up straight off the bat. Explain the reasons and that you are already decided. Do not, at anytime, show weakness or back down. A man can sense this like a tiger sensing his prey. Tell him that you are both better off apart and that other people could get hurt due to your relationship. Prepare for loopholes and arguments beforehand so that you are ready to answer anything he throws at you. Remember that you should be true to yourself and that you have no doubts about your decision at all.

Use guilt. Another effective way to dump a man is to use the situation to make him feel guilty. Explain to him that what you are both getting into or already doing does not bode well to his wife and kids. In fact, it could potentially ruin his family. Bring the moral and social aspect into the picture. Tell him that his kids and wife do not deserve this betrayal. Make sure to not accuse him or get into a shouting match. You both made a mistake and you both fell in love with each other so you are both to blame. Use the situation as the dumping card and that should do the trick for most men.

A third party. Some women love to use finding and falling in love with another man as a good and effective reason and way to dump a married man. While this is probably true for a lot of women, some women have found that this reason will see the married man looking to stalk and go after you more. Some may even develop a fatal attraction. Before using this, whether if it is true that you found someone else or not, make sure to observe and reflect on his attitudes and the intensity of the relationship. Using this method is entirely up to your judgment.

Talk to his wife. Dumping a married man is much more effective by merely going straight and confessing the deed and relationship to his wife. This is a drastic and desperate measure and should only be used in dire times. If you do decide to tell his wife, be prepared for the consequence, which can end up in the destruction of his family and marriage, a violent reaction by his wife against you, and a violent reaction of the whole family against you. Another result could find a divorce or legal separation, which can lead the man back to you. So be wary and very careful with this tactic.

All these are very effective ways to get you out of a relationship with a married man. However, you should never even tinker with the idea of getting into this complicated situation in the first place. Make sure you stay straight and focus on single men.


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