How To End a Relationship with a Married Man

Some relationships are just never meant to be, and this includes an affair with a married man.  No matter how charming and in love you are with your man, he is married and no good can come from your relationship. Break up with him right away and find yourself a single and available guy.

  • Find your center. Why are you in a relationship with someone married? Why do you think it’s ok to be a mistress? Is that all you think you deserve in life? The number one reason men cheat is because there are plenty of women who are willing to cheat with them! You need to get your act together and remember that you deserve better. You deserve a man who is faithful to you and so don’t allow any type of sharing with anyone else!

    Think about all that is good and beautiful in you, and allow yourself to be happy with someone who loves you completely. There’s no sugar coating it: if you’re dating a married man, you are wrong. Use your faith in God, your belief in spirituality and your moral compass to find the strength to make things right.

  • Just do it. How do you break up with a married guy? As the shoe commercial says, you just do it! Simply say the words, “it’s over” then stop seeing him completely. Period. It’s easier said than done but you need to do it for your own peace of mind. Don’t fool yourself into believing the lies that he’ll leave his wife for you or any of the other stories he tells you. If he hasn’t done it yet, he never will. Besides, do you really want to have a relationship at the expense of someone else’s misery?
  • Tell his wife. If you want a quick end to your affair, let his wife know what’s going on. Then let him handle things with her when stuff starts hitting the fan. There’s no quicker way to end a relationship than to get someone else involved, so it may as well be his wife. He’ll be too busy trying to salvage his marriage to bother with you. Now, if he comes crawling and knocking at your door because his wife kicked him out, don’t open the door!
  • Remember that there are other fish in the sea. There are over six billion people in the world, half of that are men. There are so many other good, kind, single and available men out there who aren’t in relationships or are gay. Believe that you’ll eventually find true love without having to lie, sneak or cheat. If you don’t get out of your affair, how will your Mr. Right find you?

Next time around, make things easier on yourself and don’t start an affair in the first place. Before you get too involved in the affair, make sure you know everything about him, and that includes if he has a wife and kid waiting at home. Don’t take everything a guy tells you at face value because he could be hiding his real family somewhere else. It’s better to be a little paranoid at the onset, rather than realize that you’ve become a mistress and a wife’s ultimate nightmare.


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