How To End a Relationship with a Pisces

The zodiac personality that is most in touch with his own emotions is the Pisces. Because emotions rule the Pisces’ personality, dealing with a Pisces lover can be rather challenging because the Pisces tends to be overly sensitive. That’s just the nature of a Pisces, and there’s no sense arguing about it with him. Tread carefully, though, when breaking up with your Pisces lover. The intense emotion and pain that the break up causes in the Pisces can backfire on you through personal guilt. To make it easier for you to end your relationship with your Pisces lover, consider the tips and advice that follows.

  1. Break up in such a manner that the Pisces won’t feel unlovable. Pisces people, being overly emotional, tend to over exaggerate their emotions at times. For this reason, Pisces personalities often yearn for constant affirmation and assurance that they are lovable. Breaking up with a Pisces is already emotionally turbulent enough. Try to do it without putting down your Pisces partner further.
  2. Be transparent and honest. Expect tears—buckets of them—from your Pisces partner. Pisces people just can’t help giving in to their feelings, especially intense ones. But, Pisces people are able to forgive, too. They may curse you to kingdom come right after the break up, but will eventually learn to accept it in the long run and may even admire you for your honesty. Don’t leave a Pisces guessing about the real score.
  3. Be considerate to the Pisces’ frail ego when breaking up. Being a severely emotional personality, the slightest brush against a Pisces’ ego can cause the whole glass to shatter. So, you might want to resort to some flattery and an overdose of gentleness and kindness. Just don’t flatter your Pisces lover—or anyone else for that matter—with lies.
  4. Push away your Pisces partner with insensitivity. Be numb and start being distant. From the point of view of a Pisces, this is the most hurtful thing you can do, and will react or respond accordingly by packing up and going—with tears, for sure.
  5. Turn him off with your anger. Pisces are people who love smooth and happy relationships and try to stay away from disturbing emotions (e.g., anger) as much as possible. Your anger will easily annoy your Pisces lover, especially if your anger is provoked by something very petty. Express your anger with dramatic flair—your Pisces partner will surely dislike it and will be turned off.
  6. Do not compromise. Pisces lovers tend to cling hard to their partners. They cherish relationships so deeply that they will often walk extra miles just to keep the relationship. If you waver after your Pisces lover promises to change, you might end up getting back together and you both will go through the whole routine again—except when the Pisces partner does change for the better.

Relationships with Pisces personalities are as fragile and intensely emotional as the Pisces personality himself. If you really need to cut off the ties, you can successfully do so, but with much care and caution.


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