How To Enjoy Abstinence Dating

Dating without sex? Is that even possible in these times? The resounding answer is yes, and it definitely should be! If you are a supporter of abstinence dating, here are some tips to help you enjoy your date to the fullest:

  1. Be upfront about your decision. But then again, it may be awkward to discuss this during the first date. It’s all a matter of timing. If you feel that you’re about to be serious with the other person that might be the time for you to bring up your decision about abstinence dating. That might be around the third to the fourth date. Bringing up this topic may actually be your way of judging the character of the other person. Is he truly worthy to invest more of your time with? 
  2. If possible, choose a date that has the same convictions. It’s going to be easier if you choose a date that would also wants to abstain from sex while dating. You could date somebody from your church, or you could join a group or online forum where you could meet people who also want to preserve their virginity until marriage.
  3. Plan your dates well. Make sure that you date in a public place, and during the late afternoon (or early evening). You could also have group dates with friends. Opt for dates in wholesome places, such as at a skating rink, a carnival, a museum, and the list goes on. The key is to choose a place with lots of people and with a pleasant, wholesome atmosphere.
  4. Engage in common hobbies. The guideline here is simple: Plan for things to do that you will both enjoy, aside from sex.
  5. Have some “emergency” plans. If you don’t really find yourself being tempted to have sex, then maybe you don’t need these plans. But if you constantly find yourself being tempted, you should talk about what you should do. It could be somebody walking out and heading home before anything goes too far, or to say a certain word that will bring you both back to your senses.
  6. Let your friends know of your commitment. Have you ever heard of the couple who invited their friends over to their house for dinner the next week, even if they haven’t finished painting their living room walls yet? By doing this, they are pressuring themselves to commit to finishing painting their walls, before their friends come over. Following this same principle, you are solidifying your commitment by letting more people know about it.
  7. Get to know each other’s family. If you’ve been dating for a while now and feel that you’re in for a serious commitment, you may take the time to introduce one another to each other’s families. This way, you’d be able to get a different perspective on your relationship. You’d be able to view her not just as your date, but also as a sister, a daughter or a cousin.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways that you could enjoy abstinence dating. Remember, if you truly love and care about a person, it shouldn’t just be all about sex. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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