How To Entertain a 2-Year-Old

Any parent will tell you that taking care of a 2 year old child can be rather stressful. This is because the child can be quite a handful with his seemingly endless supply of energy and somewhat short attention span. In addition, this is the age when curiosity and exploration is what keeps the child moving. The problem with most parents is that it is quite difficult to get other things done and still keep tabs on their toddler. Here are some tricks to keep your toddler entertained so that you can find the time to do some of the other things around the house.

  1. Toys. The best and simplest tool to help you in keeping the attention of your toddler fixed on something is by letting him play with toys. Collect all of his toys that he received during Christmas and birthdays and keep them in plastic box. Take out some of the toys and allow him to play with them. Make sure that while your child is playing that you are in the vicinity to enable you to keep tabs on him. Remember to switch the toys he plays every day so that he does not get easily bored with them. Since curiosity is prevalent with children during this age, he can get bored rather easily. Alternate the toys he plays to avoid the development of his boredom. Purchase more toys if his collection seems to be limited.
  2. Water. Toddlers love to explore and feed the hunger of their senses. Allowing your child play with water and explore its properties is one of the simplest ways for you to allow him to explore the world while keeping his attention glued on one single thing. Place him in a tub with half-filled water or purchase an inflatable pool and fill it with water waist deep. Let him linger in the water to explore it. Add some toys in the mix to make the experience more enjoyable for him. Make sure to keep tabs on the child once in awhile.
  3. Creativity. Another way to keep your child busy and still manage to encourage the development of his creativity and artistic side is to allow him to be messy with finger paint. Place him in a room that has been covered with newspapers. Pour some finger paint in a bowl and teach him to dip his hand and draw an image on the newspaper on the floor. Things will definitely get messy so make sure you and your child wear old clothes so that paint drips and splatters on them will not matter. Make sure to purchase finger paint that is not toxic if ingested since you may not be able to control the child from exploring how the paint tastes.
  4. Cartoons. Although a lot of parents will see this next option as very bad for child development, letting your child watch TV is a great way to keep him occupied and entertained. Contrary to what most parents and child psychologists believe, TV is not the enemy of proper child development. The content of the TV is the culprit. In this case, what you can do is purchase various educational cartoons and shows on DVD and play it for your child. In just a few seconds, your child will become transfixed on the TV and this should keep him occupied for the duration of the show.

There hundreds of other ways to keep an energetic and curious toddler occupied and entertained. Be creative and always think about the development of the child. If you can spare the time, engage in each activity with him to deepen the bond between you and your child.


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