How To Entertain a 3-Year-Old

Entertaining a child of 3-years of age is quite different from entertaining one at 2 years of age. The strategies may be somewhat the same but it should be done a higher level since the cognitive, curiosity, and energy level of the child has increased significantly since the last year. In fact, you may have noticed that most of the toys keeping him entertained a year ago have lost its hypnotizing effect. The same goes for the some of the regular cartoons you had him watch or the finger painting activity you had him do before. Here are some effective ways on how to keep your 3-year old child occupied and entertained.

  1. Age-appropriate toys. Toys are still the number one tools to keep a 3-year old child occupied and entertained. The only difference is that you will need newer toys than those he used to play with a year ago. Go to your toy store and purchase some toys appropriate for 3-year old children. A nice board game, a simple puzzle, or a sleek toy car can be some of your options. If your child is a girl, opt for girly toys like a stuffed toy or doll. 3-year old children will love to pretend play as well so it may be wise to get her a kitchen set or a tea set with small tables and chairs where she can pretend to play with make-believe characters. Try to play with her as well.
  2. Watch TV. TV and cartoons will still be your best weapon to keep your child entertained. Purchase several DVDs of your kid’s favorite cartoon or show and have her watch them. Again, like a year ago, your kid should become transfixed and hypnotized with the screen. Make sure to purchase cartoons or movies that are educational in nature. Most of the shows shown on TV these days are garbage with no clear moral lessons presented to the viewer. Get some shows that teach life to a child.
  3. Crafts. At this age, your kid may see finger painting as monotonous as his old race car toy. You may want to up the ante by introducing more complicated arts and crafts like clay and glue. Search the Internet for all the various arts and crafts activities that you can engage in with your child and do it both together. Supervision is the key here for maximum fun and enjoyment. Make sure to praise and reward his work all the time.
  4. Story telling. Stories will definitely keep the imagination and attention of your child fixed. Choose a story book with many pictures and images and start reading it to your child. Make sure to read with voices for a better effect. While you are reading, you will notice that your child is attentive and asking all types of questions about the story. Answer these questions to reward his efforts of curiosity.

These are merely some of the basic strategies that you can put into use to keep your toddler entertained. There are many other options out there that are definitely more creative and more in tune to the development of a child. Ask a pre-school teacher to give you a list of other activities that you can do with your child if the strategies above has lived out their usefulness.


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