How To Entertain a 6 Month Old

When your child hits the 6-month old mark, you can be posed a different kind of challenge when entertaining him. Unlike younger infants, your 6-month old baby will demand much of your time in making him happy and giving him new knowledge and attention day by day. If you fail in this process, it is your child's disposition that will be at stake.

With this, as a parent, you need to devise various new ways on how to keep your child entertained throughout the day. To guide you, here are some great tips you can consider to help you in entertaining your 6-month old:

Expose him to new places. You may not know it but your 6-month old baby will fully enjoy exploring and seeing new places as well as people. A good idea to help your child be entertained is to give him short stroller rides. You can walk him just around the neighborhood or you can accompany him to various places such as stores, restaurants, zoos, and other child-friendly places. You can also introduce him to your family pets granted that you supervise both your child and your pet closely.

Talk to your child. You can always start a nice conversation with your child despite the fact that he will not answer you back the way you expect a person will. However, you can always carry him on a sling while doing some things around your home and tell him about what you are doing. This will not only prevent your child from being bored but as well as let him learn about the things around him.

Give him toys. As always, all children will get entertained with the sight of toys. Hence, you must provide your 6-month old child several toys that he will enjoy. This includes rattles, wooden blocks, stacking toys, blocks, and a lot more.

Allow him to self feed. It is in this age that infants will love to feed by themselves. So instead of not allowing your child to do so, encourage him by providing him plastic cups and spoons. You can also introduce him to teether bags filled with either fresh fruits or frozen ones.

Give his bath time a twist. When you give your child a bath, give him some space to play. You can grab an independent sitter and provide him toys to hold such as pouring toys. However, always keep in mind to remove hazardous materials that your child can grab especially when you are giving him bath in the sink.

Read, sing and listen to nursery rhymes with him. It is also a good idea to introduce him to great books with bright and big drawings of animals, cars, houses, toys, and a lot of other things. Also, you can sing him great songs that interest him or if not, spend some time listening to nursery rhyme CDs or tapes.

Indeed, when you get creative about entertaining your 6-month old baby, you will undoubtedly turn out to be successful. In fact, even in a lot of simple ways, you can deliver a quality kind of entertainment to your giggling, precious, and healthy 6-month old gift to your family.


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