How To Entertain a One Year Old Baby

A one-year old baby will always be a precious gift in every family. However, a child of this age can be a headache too. This is especially true if you always fail to keep him entertained and busy all day long.

So now, what you must clearly know is how to effectively entertain your one-year old baby. Though this sounds too simple, a lot of parents still fail on this matter. So as a guide, take note of these following tips you can always consider:

Teach him the parts of his body. Your one-year old is already open to know the different parts of his body. Hence, you can always make this activity to get him entertained. To do this, you can use a song to get his attention more and to make the learning more interesting. For instance, you can point to several parts of his body and repeat it several times a day. After some time, you will be surprised as to how your baby can identify the parts of his body.

Give him a different kind of toy. Surprisingly, this age does not anymore enjoy the colorful toys that they once had. More often than not, your one-year old will always wish to play with what you have. For one, if he wishes to play with your book, you can give him an old book or magazine for him to play with. Or while you are cooking, you can give him bowls, cups, and spoons.

Talk to him when you are doing something. As much as possible, your one-year old will wish to follow you wherever you go. If for instance you don't want him to get hold of the things you are currently dealing with, place him on his crib but make sure he still sees you. Then, talk or sing to him to assure him that you are just there and will not be leaving him.

Play peek-a-boo when doing some chores. This is true when you are fixing your bed or folding your clothes. This way, you are playing with him and at the same time finishing your chores.

Teach him to use crayons. Your child at this age will love to scribble on just any surface he sees. Therefore, you can use this in your advantage. Give him sheets of paper and thick crayons. As time passes, you can also introduce him to the different colors of the crayons.

Give him pull and push toys. A walker push toy will be ideal for your child at this age. This will not only help him drag himself to wherever he wants to go but also teach him the art of walking. On the other hand, pull telephones and pull pets are also great toy ideas for your one-year old baby.

In the end, when you make sure that your one-year old baby is well entertained throughout the day, every day will be easier for you. Not only are you keeping your child busy and happy but you are also introducing necessary knowledge to him in the long run.


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