How To Exit Gracefully (For Men)

No matter how “macho” a man is, it is in his best interest to exit a relationship, a job or any situation as gracefully as possible. A man should always act with dignity amidst feelings of hurt, anger, heartbreak or embarrassment. Even if he has every right to be enraged and furious, he should never let a situation or another person get the better of him.

Exiting a job

A person who is unceremoniously terminated (read: fired) from his job is never happy. Often times, there will be feelings of anger towards the person responsible for getting him fired. There are other times when a person resigns from his job on his own terms but still harbors ill feelings towards the company or a select number of former co-workers. If you ever find yourself in any of these two situations, leave your former company with every ounce of dignity you can muster. Why?  Because it is never good to burn bridges. You will never know when you will need a referral from someone in that company. If you find yourself out of a job one day, it not impossible for you to come back knocking on their door. If you have negative feelings, bring it out during your exit interviews but express yourself in a constructive manner.

Leaving a social engagement

Accepting an invitation to a party or any other social engagement should mean that you want to participate in the gathering in a positive manner. You are there to enjoy, have fun but at the same time act with dignity and responsibility. Don’t get drunk, take or offer illegal substances or engage in lewd actions. Obnoxious behavior is never appreciated. When you are ready to leave, make sure to thank your host for the invitation. If something untoward happened during the party, reassure your host that you were not in the slightest way offended or affected. If you caused the commotion, apologize profusely but genuinely.

Ending a romantic relationship

When a relationship goes sour, be it an engagement, marriage or a steady relationship, act like a gentleman. Talk to your partner and explain calmly why you feel you need to end your relationship. Be ready for different kinds of reactions: violent or otherwise. Keep your cool and curb your tongue. Don’t start insulting your partner or engage in nit picking. This will do more harm than good. Remember that you once had feelings for this person. Try to agree on remaining friends or at least to part ways amicably. Never go around town telling sordid stories about your failed relationship. Give the other person the same dignity and respect that you expect to get.

Tips in exiting gracefully in different situation:

  • Be as polite and honest as possible yet maintain the dignity of the other person or persons and that of yourself.
  • When you find yourself in a heated situation, always be the better man and take the high road. You can defend yourself but know when it is better to walk away than engaging in a word war (which can easily turn into fisticuffs).
  • When appropriate, say thank you or say something nice to your host, your former boss or co-workers or even your ex. Be sincere and leave a situation on a positive note.

You should want to be remembered with fondness by people whom you have crossed paths with. This is why, as a man, you should exit any situation or relationship gracefully. Don’t be a jerk. Life is too short not to be patient, kind and respectful towards others.


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