How To Fight for Sole Custody of a Minor

Being a parent, fighting for custody for your child can be the hardest task you can undergo but there are times that the child’s welfare is on the line and you have to fight to protect it. Sole custody can be granted to a parent when the other parent is unfit to care for the child or can pose as a threat to him physically, emotionally and mentally. If you find yourself in that fight for the rights of your child, here is how to get sole custody:

Educate yourself with the existing laws on child custody. It is always a good habit to get yourself involved fully into this fight for custody. Read about child custody laws and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Never use revenge as a reason. Some people feel the need for revenge when they were wronged. As parents, they usually target on people or things that are precious to their significant other. If you feel anger towards your ex-spouse, never use getting sole custody for your child as revenge to hurt him. This reason never looked good in court and doesn’t justify your child’s welfare under your care. You will appear unfit instead for not being able to control your emotions.

Always provide evidence to support your accusations. Never say any statement without backing evidence. If you still have joint custody with your child, keep a log of your ex-partner’s activities that can harm your child’s welfare. Ask for testimonies from people who work closely with him about any unusual activity that can harm your child.

Some activities that pose as a reason to being an unfit parent to your child can be as follows:

  • Not taking part of your child’s education, sports or activities.
  • Any kind of addiction (alcohol, drugs or porn).
  • He committed felony cases or has a record in the state penitentiary.
  • He has any kind of violent behaviour. You would need a psychiatrist’s testimony to back this up.
  • Joblessness and inability to keep job for child support.
  • Traces of child abuse or he has an abusive attitude – perhaps he has hurt you physically before the divorce.

Be content for a temporary custody. It would be a good idea to agree to get a temporary custody for a while – if your partner presently has the rights for the sole custody of your child. It would be a good chance for you to prove your capability to be the best parent. Perform the duties fit for a parent and with your good standing, you can have a better chance in getting the sole rights for your child.

If you are both still fighting for the rights for sole parenthood, agree for a joint custody to prove yourself and observe your ex-spouse as well. This will buy you some time to work on being a better parent.

It is always a pain to undergo this process but always remember that you are doing this for your child. Your child’s future can only be secured when he is under the care of someone who is interested and who cares about his life. Never lie about your capabilities and emotions just to win this case – that will never help your child nor give him the future he deserves.


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