How To Figure Out the Best Bridal Hairstyle

A woman’s wedding should be one of her best days. It’s the day that you can never do over again so it should be perfect. When you were a little girl, you dream of this day to be the first day of the rest of your life with the man you choose as your husband. As a bride, your special day will never be complete unless you are wearing the best for your crowing glory – your hair. Now what to do with your hair? Read on and find out how to figure it out:

  • Let your hair grow. If you have really short hair, it would be a good idea to let your hair grow at least a year before your planned wedding. An average human hair grows a half inch per month. If your hair is not used to being longer, use conditioner to maintain your hair’s health while it extends. If your hair is prone to splitting ends, trim the ends periodically but trim it not more than a half an inch but just enough to remove the splits. Even if you decide to wear your hair short in your wedding, it’s easier and faster to cut hair than to grow them.
  • Choose your dress for the perfect match. Your hair should be a match with the bridal gown you are going to wear. If you choose to wear an extravagantly designed wedding dress, it would be best to wear your hair very simple – wearing it in a bun or keeping it away from your face or your dress by using clips or comb to keep your hair in place. If you choose to wear a simpler tube dress, you can wear soft curls wearing your hair down to your shoulders. You can have the option to use a headband or a crown to hold your veil on your head.
  • Research online or in wedding magazines. What is more helpful than a bride seeing another bride’s hairstyle? Look into wedding magazines and browse through bridal pictures to give you an idea on what kind of style you want for your hair. Just make sure that the hairstyle you will choose will fit your face shape and your bridal gown.
  • Choose your accessories sparingly. Be sure to wear the correct hair accessory for the right hair style. If you choose to do a hair bun, you can wear simple bun wraps around it. Bun wraps are best for thicker hair so be sure you know your hair type. If you want to wear a tiara, be sure your wedding dress is sophisticated for it to work perfectly. Tiaras usually are used for a fairytale-theme wedding. Combs are great for longer or curly hair. These are perfect to be worn if you aren’t planning to wear a veil.
  • Ask the help of a stylist. If you are still unsure about how your hair should look in spite choosing your dress and researching, you should seek help from a professional hair stylist to help you choose.

One thing you can do to make sure you are wearing the right hair style on your wedding day would be to take photographs of your hair while your stylist experiments on different styles that you can wear. With the photos, ask your friends and family for their opinion.


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