How To Find a California Divorce Lawyer

There are many reasons for divorce, including conflicts, abuse, incompatibility, arguments with in-laws and a lot of other factors. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of things at stake, including finances, property, and if you have children, your custody over them. You would want everything to be fair for you and your spouse, and for your children. Looking for the best divorce attorney is a necessity to ensure the proper outcome. In California, whether northern of southern, the state has its own divorce policies, and the California divorce lawyer you are looking for should be aware of these. Before looking for one from the divorce law firms, here are some things you must remember.

  1. Family counseling. If there are children or other dependents involved in the situation, the lawyer must be able to provide you and your family with a family counselor. The family counselor can assist your family in understanding the decision of divorce. If it is a case of divorce from an abusive relationship, the counselor can help in putting the spouse at ease or empower her to undergo a court hearing about the case.
  2. Real estate rules. States have different rules regarding property gained through marriage. California would consider your property as property of the community and will divide it evenly between the two parties involved, although property gained before marriage may be divided depending on your agreement with you and your spouse. The lawyer you get must be familiar with this kind of ruling and other rules that are implemented by the state regarding divorce cases.
  3. Family law. Divorce is a very delicate matter, especially when there are minors involved. If the marriage really isn't working, and divorce is the only option at the moment, make sure that the lawyer would be aware of all the nooks and crannies of the laws. Custody can be a tricky business, especially if you are fighting over the custody of one child against an abusive or negligent spouse. State what you want to happen with your children, and the benefits they can still gain from the other parent despite separation.
  4. Networking. There may be a chance that the attorney you have approached may not be able to handle the case you are presenting him. He should be able to refer you to another attorney, or at the least ask for tips from another if the case has progressed too far. A good lawyer will be able to easily network with colleagues and gather the necessary information for your case.

Finding a lawyer is an easy task, but finding the right lawyer is a difficult one. You must keep the needs you have in mind and other important factors that would define your case. The best lawyer is not the one who is popular but that one who can deliver. Sometimes networking would work for you too. If you know people who would know attorneys they could personally recommend in handling your case, then it would be better.


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