How To Find a Christian Military Pen Pal

In the military, soldiers assigned to faraway lands on their respective tours of duty have always relied on mail in order to communicate with loved ones from way back home. Despite the emergence of more advanced technologies for direct communication (the Internet, satellite phones, etc), most soldiers still find a great deal of joy and comfort with receiving old-fashioned snail mail. Letters that have been written by hand, as opposed to just typed on a computer, have a more intimate and personal touch – the sender has obviously put a lot of effort into composing and handwriting the letter being sent. This is why snail mail pen pals have persisted up to the present day, especially among people in the military: there is always someone who needs to be loved and thought of back home. Here’s how you can find someone to correspond with.

  • Start with someone you know and are comfortable with. You probably already know someone who shares your faith, probably someone from your community or church group, and has been sent by the military abroad for his tour of duty. These people make great pen pals: you don’t have to go through the awkward introduction phase, because you already know them from before. Being pen pals allows you to deepen your bond, be it towards friendship or something else. Remember, by being a pen pal, you are a close reminder of how life is back home.
  • Look for friends and relatives who may know someone. If you don’t know anybody you can write, maybe your friends will. The advantage of this is that the people who they recommend are also in your friends’ or relatives’ social circles. This way, you can find out more about them. Finding friends through word of mouth is probably one of the easier and more reliable means of getting decent pen pals. This also allows you to expand your social network of mutual friends even more.
  • If you or your friends still can’t find anyone, you can try by approaching your church group or community. Religious groups are usually closely knit, and by approaching them and inquiring about someone of faith you can write to, it’ll be their pleasure to let you know who you can correspond with.
  • Veteran’s organizations and hospitals can also provide contacts with people who are in need of communication with people from back home. You can even ask people who’ve returned from their respective tours of duty if they know anyone who would appreciate exchanging letters with an upright and moral Christian of good character. These veterans will probably be able to also give you a background of the person, as well as the experience your potential pen pal might be having in a foreign country. You can approach your local military unit as well.
  • You can go online to look for people. Dating and matching sites are not the only ones you can go to. There are also Internet bulletins and forums that cater to military personnel who want to engage in regular correspondence with civilians.

Remember to always exercise caution when corresponding with your pen pal. Don’t exchange information that is too personal and sensitive while writing letters. You can open up over mail, but the relationship you’ve established will obviously change in dynamics once you meet face to face.


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