How To Find a Good Baby Sitter

With so many busy parents nowadays, baby sitters are suddenly needed everywhere! However, finding a trustworthy one can be a bit difficult. If you want to learn more about how to find a good baby sitter, read these very simple steps.

1. Looking at the right place. When you are looking for a good and reliable baby sitter, it is very important where you look. You have to make sure that you look in places where you can fully trust, rely on and has been proven by many working moms and families. You can start by asking for recommendations from your friends, colleagues or loved ones. They often have a suggestion or two. Ask them that you need a really good baby sitter—someone that you can trust, knows how to follow instructions and has an experience for quite some time with this kind of work. If you have other specific requirement, make sure you tell them that when asking. You can also look for local childcare training programs. You can easily find this at the local community colleges, various hospitals, volunteer groups such as the Red Cross, non-profit organizations that promotes the welfare of children and the like. Go to the county's office and ask about these groups. Private agencies can also give you what you need however, they tend to charge you more.

2. The perfect interview. As soon as you already know where to look, immediately contact them and ask for the following important documents: 

  • Resume
  • Complete physical examination (If the sitter already has one, make sure it is very recent. If not, offer to cover the expenses for the medical exam to ensure that the person does not carry any diseases that might harm your family).
  • Certificate for first aid training
  • At least three references
  • If one of your baby sitter's obligations is to drive your kids, get a copy of their driver's license, the plate number of their vehicle and birth certificate.

These are the documents that you need to ask a baby sitter prior to the interview. Tell her to bring these papers on the day of her scheduled appointment. On the day of the interview, you have to ask the right questions in order for you to get the right answers. Be very clear about your needs and about the child's needs. It is also important that you always follow your instinct. As a mother, you will immediately know if the person is okay or not. If you feel that there is something off about the applicant, listen to it. Oftentimes, your instincts are always correct.

3. Under probation. When you have already chosen a baby sitter, give her a probationary period. Of course, it depends on the frequency of the sitter's job with your kid. If you schedule the baby sitter every night, a probationary period of two weeks should do it. It is during this time where you can observe the sitter. After you have given the instructions, check if the sitter was able to remember and follow it to the letter.

Just follow these effective steps and you will have the best baby sitter in no time!  As long as you have everything covered, you can never go wrong. Good luck.


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