How To Find a Great Divorce Attorney

If you’re getting a divorce, you need to get a lawyer. A good divorce attorney will help you get your fair share of the assets, fight for your rights in the custody battle and protect your interests. Getting divorced is a difficult process, but a good lawyer will help the transition by fighting your battles for you. Here’s how to find a great divorce attorney.

  • Get a personal referral. With half of marriages ending in divorce, there’s bound to be someone you know who has used the services of a divorce lawyer. Ask family and friends who have gotten divorced about the attorney they used. You will get an honest feedback from these people. Find out how much the person charged, if they felt the lawyer they used was professional and aggressive enough and if they felt they got what they wanted. What was their experience of the lawyer like? Did the case drag on for years because the lawyer was unable to get a quick settlement?
  • Ask another lawyer. If you work with a lawyer regarding a different matter, ask him whom he can refer to you as a divorce lawyer. For example, head down to your legal department to get feedback on any good divorce attorneys. Other lawyers may know each other personally or have a working knowledge of another attorney’s professional reputation. Just as doctors have other doctor friends, lawyers will pretty much know each other in the area.
  • Go by reputation. If you’re out to bleed your spouse dry for cheating on you, you need someone with an established reputation for being a shark. Do you want one who specializes in breaking prenuptial agreements? Certain lawyers have a reputation in the industry and with the public. Sometimes, getting a high profile lawyer with a reputation for being relentless may be enough to intimidate the other party to settle so that your divorce proceedings don’t drag on for a long time. There are some family lawyers that are known for arriving at amicable settlements. Align yourself with a lawyer whose approach is similar to the message you want to convey.
  • Use a lawyer referral service. This is a service that compiles a list of lawyers that they feel meet their criteria or standard. The group should have the approval of the State Bar Association. Be sure to ask what criteria they used to include a particular lawyer on the list.
  • Book a consultation interview before you commit. Get a feel of the personality and approach of the lawyer before you sign up. You will be in contact with this person for several months, so make sure he is professional and doesn’t irritate you. Ask about his record. See if he is willing to refer other clients to you whom you can talk to. When you visit the office, look around. Does it feel professional? Are the employees courteous and discreet? If you hear the legal assistants chatting about a specific case while in your presence, you may want to change law firms.
  • Be prepared to spend. A good attorney costs money. The better the lawyer and more established, the more expensive the rates. Not only will you get charged for his professional fee, you’ll also be billed for every item used in your legal proceedings, such as the cost to copy documents and so forth. If you have a lot of assets to protect, then invest the money in a good lawyer to protect your interests.

Find a good lawyer for you to help you with the difficult and complicated divorce proceedings. Avoid hiring a lawyer blind, because a lot can be at stake, especially if you have many assets and children involved. A good lawyer is instrumental in helping you move on, so take the time to hire the proper one.


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