How To Find a Kimono for a Japanese Wedding

A Japanese wedding is steeped in tradition and the bride looks very elegant wearing a traditional wedding kimono. There are several types of kimonos that Japanese use depending on the season. A Japanese kimono used for a wedding can be very elegant, either heavily embroidered or hand-painted and usually made from fine silk fabrics. It can also be quite expensive. If you are looking for a kimono for a Japanese wedding, you may find the tips below very helpful. Please read on.

  • Know the different styles of kimonos used by Japanese women on their wedding day. There are some that can be worn with a plain undergarment and left open and trailing behind as the bride walks. There are also some that are made to be worn with a traditional obi sash and the designs are concentrated on the shoulders, the sleeves and below the waist to the hem of the kimono. Lighter fabrics are also used for summer weddings.
  • Search online for shops that sell traditional Japanese wedding kimonos. There are online shops that specialize in used Japanese kimonos. Kyoto Kimono is a shop that specializes in Japanese wedding kimonos. They have a range of kimonos that were previously part of a rental collection. New wedding kimonos are very expensive and Japanese brides usually rent their wedding kimonos from rental shops. These kimonos are then sold to vendors. Take a look at the their collection here.
  • Know the difference between a Kakeshita style and a Uchikake style ceremonial kimono. Kakeshita uses a lighter fabric and designed to be worn with an obi sash. The Uchikake style is more elaborate and the design is predominantly all over the garment. This is traditionally worn over a plain under kimono and does not require an obi sash. It is more like an elaborate and heavily decorated overcoat.
  • Ask for referrals from Japanese businesses operating in your town or city. You can also check the yellow pages of your phone book or search for shops selling kimonos online. Kimono Lily is an online shop in New York City that carries a wide range of kimonos for regular wear and special ceremonies like weddings.
  • Look for a seamstress who may be able to sew a kimono for your wedding. Or you can look for a pattern on how to make a kimono and look for fabrics that will be suitable for a kimono. You may be able to find a fabric artist who will be willing to paint your fabric with traditional Japanese designs used for weddings. Searching the web will surely yield good results.
  • Check if some online stores are willing to rent a kimono for your wedding. A traditional wedding kimono with classic design can cost thousands of dollars and it can take a big chunk out of your wedding budget.

Learn how to wear a kimono and tie the obi sash. Look for a school or a Japanese group who may be able to offer lessons. You can also check video streaming sites for videos of Japanese wedding ceremonies and tutorials on how to wear the kimono. There are also other traditions and customs to be observed in a Japanese wedding and it pays to know them.


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