How To Find a Mail Order Bride

There are women who advertise themselves online and in magazines to find a husband. In the past these mail-order brides were from affluent nations like Russia, Thailand, Venezuela, and Colombia. Before, there were international marriage agencies like Cherry Blossoms that required women to sign-up so they can be included in the list of picture magazines. Today, the Internet is so interactive making it easy for mail-order brides to advertise. Below are steps and guides to help you find a mail-order bride.

  • Look for a mail-order bride website. There are various mail order sites online that cater for different types of women.
  • Learn everything about your preferred website. Thoroughly understand the website that you choose before signing-up. Note that most websites state that creating a profile is free but it’s not the always the case. You have only 30 days to test the website. If you want to continue your access after the trial period you need to sign-up via credit card. Read and understand the charges. The fees can range from $39.95 to $300.
  • Create a profile. It’s easy. You will be guided by links so you can reach the sign-up page. Click the link and fill-out the needed information. Click the submit button when you are finish. The website will send a confirmation e-mail to your e-mail. You will complete the sign-up process as you click the provided e-mail. Keep the information on your credit card handy in case that you find a website you’re interested in.
  • After signing-up, you can search the database of the company to search for your dream woman. The website will ask you to fill-up the criteria that you are looking in a girl. It will automatically find the matches and they will be available for you to view. Pick the women you desire and put them in your Favorites folder. Contact the women you like and tell them that you’re interested to know them more. There are websites that will ask you to upgrade membership or ask you to buy a credit package once you are ready to communicate with a woman. Don’t forget to read all essential details before jumping from one step to the next.
  • After upgrading your status, the website will give you an Acknowledgment of Services Received form through e-mail. You need to date and sign the form before sending it back through fax or e-mail. The company will contact you once they have received your completed form. The company will also ask you about the women you prefer and they will provide your needed information.
  • After the company identifies the women you’re interested in, they will contact the agencies of your preferred women. The director of the agencies will communicate with you to inquire about your desired services. The agency will help you to get the personal contact information of your preferred women and they will arrange a meeting so you can meet the women that you like. They will also arrange a full travel package.
  • The company will send you the Client Attestation form. You need to fill-up the information about your background like the nations and the states where you previously lived as you turned 18. You also need to include your marital history.
  • After filling-up the Client Attestation form send it back to the agency through e-mail or fax. Your preferred women will get a notification from their respective agencies and they will be asked to visit the company so they can view and analyze your attestation. If your preferred women like your attestation, then each one must sign her respective agencies’ written release.

The charges may differ from your geographical location. Don’t forget to review all details before and after signing-up.


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