How To Find a Wedding Chapel

Although church weddings have been the tradition since time immemorial planning for a simple wedding in a chapel has become a modern and practical option for those who want to go for a quick and economical wedding ceremony with few intimate family members and friends. Try considering the tips below on how you can find the best chapel for your big day.

  • Contact a wedding planner. He should be able to provide you every bit and detail of what you want to know about wedding ceremonies. From the guests down to the food, a good wedding planner can give you all other information you need. Not only can he prepare your big day on churches, he too knows the fine points for chapels. If there are wedding shows organized by a wedding planner in your locality, you may want to invite your partner-to-be to watch and together ask questions after the show. Generally on wedding shows, planners display sample booths for a wedding chapel. It is better that you stop over at every booth with your fiancé and check out which is the best choice for your wedding ceremony’s need.
  • Take a tour of the town where you want the wedding to take place. This can be an enjoyable search for your wedding chapel. You may ask your friends and neighbors if they know of chapels somewhere in the locality. Don’t forget to get the simplest direction to get there in case you are new to the place. It is quite rare to find a chapel in heart of the city. They are usually located inside villages. You may want to ask help from someone who knows the place so you will not find yourself lost, out of gas, and exhausted.
  • Surf the web. There are loads of wedding chapels cited on the Internet. You may also find in each site the exact location of your chosen chapel. To simplify your search, type in the location where you plan on holding the event and key in enter. There you will find numerous samples posted on the site. Check out every sample and know if it is a good fit for your wedding ceremony. Selection will be very easy. They have every detail you want to know. Each chapel provides pictures, services offered and a brief description of the place. You can also contact them through customer services and contact information listed on their official site.
  • Search from directories. Get hold of your directory and look for the nearest or the best chapel you want for the event. You may look for the key words “wedding chapels” or “wedding services.” Contact the number of the person-in-charge and inquire about the things you need to know. Immediately set an appointment with the one you are interested in before anyone else gets it first. Visit the chapel along with your fiancé and inquire more about the budget, and other extra stuff. Don’t forget to ask for directions and take note of the schedule when they can show you the chapel.
  • Communicate with friends and close acquaintances that have also held their wedding at a chapel. They will tell you about how things worked out in the chapel, as well as their suggestions and helpful pieces of advice on how you can find a suitable chapel.

Tying the knot need not be expensive. So go ahead, get your soon-to-be partner for life and start writing those chapel plans you have in mind for that once in lifetime vow. Best wishes!


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