How To Find a Wedding Gown If You Are Pregnant

Getting married and having a baby are two of the most important milestones for a woman but if you're currently doing both then aside from the wedding preparation, you also have to think about fitting into your wedding gown while celebrating a baby bump, too! You can also find gowns that hide a baby bump if you are not into the idea of announcing a pregnancy before saying your "I Dos."

Here are ways to find a wedding gown that will bring out your beauty and pregnant glory (the latter being entirely up to you, of course!):

  1. Look at wedding catalogues and bridal magazines. If you can find magazines that feature wedding gowns for expecting brides, buy these without a second thought. You will find a lot of exciting designs and fabrics that will make you glow beautifully at your wedding.
  2. Find your inspiration online. Aside from poring through bridal magazines, you can also search online for wedding dresses that slightly conceal a baby bump so the focus will be on you on the big day. Empire cut or A-line bridal gowns are usually recommended for women who are not quite ready to announce that a baby is on the way.
  3. Include a maternity pillow in your fitting. Sometimes it's hard to predict how fast your belly will grow until the wedding day. Do not take any chances and bring a maternity pillow with you to wear during your fittings. This will help the designer determine how much fabric you will need to make you comfortably fit into the gown when it's time to walk down the aisle.
  4. Purchase something off the rack. This is a smart move for an expecting bride because you can simply go off and buy something a week before your wedding... that is if you know there's a variety of designs off- the-rack at the department stores where you live. The beauty of this is that you can wait until you know your baby bump has grown as expected so you don't have to worry about fitting into your gown perfectly on your wedding day. Again, you have to remember that if you prefer to do it this way, you must have access to more than one store in your location.
  5. Have it custom-made. The astute observation of a designer coupled with the skill of a dressmaker/seamstress will make sure you have the prettiest wedding gown that celebrates your femininity and fertility. If you have the budget to have your gown custom-made, go for it. It will lessen your worry and let you focus on taking care of yourself and the baby until your walk to meet the groom at the altar. 

One more thing to remember: Since you are walking down the aisle with a baby bump, make sure you also wear maternity support underwear so your feminine wiles are kept where they should be and not jiggling around the red carpet. You can get "jiggy with it" at the dance floor later when everyone else is too flushed with wine to notice.


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