How To Find an Ex-Boyfriend

Finding a person today has become very easy due to the various technologies and resources available to you. The Internet and mobile technology have made it simple for everyone to keep in touch, and if these fail you can still use old and dependable resources like a phone, phonebook, or a letter sent by snail mail. With so many tools at your disposal, finding your former lover, that ex-boyfriend who broke your heart, can be easy as pie. Here are some ways to initiate the search.

Search the Internet. The easiest way to look for your long lost ex-boyfriend can start with a simple Google search. Enter his full name and execute a search. You will find hundreds or even thousands of hits with his name as keywords. If he has registered in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, Google will track this down for you. If he has published any articles or videos online using his name as the author, Google will provide you the link to these as well. However, be prepared for a long and thorough research should his name be very common. For instance, if his name is "Michael Williams", then your search may be so broad that you would have to sift through the thousands and even millions of links that contain his name.

Online white pages. Another fast and easy solution that you can use to find out your ex-boyfriend's location and number is by looking at various online white pages such as,, and These sites will search their database for your ex-boyfriend's name and will provide you the address and number of anyone with the name. Be sure to try to narrow your search by city, state, or zip code.

Friends and family. If you are sincerely looking for your ex-boyfriend to honestly see how he is doing and to renew your lost friendship, then the easiest thing to do to locate him is to ask his family or your mutual friends. Get in touch with these people and ask for his current phone number or address. You can then call him up or send him a letter. If you are able to acquire his mobile number, you can initiate the communication by sending him a simple text message.

Phone directories. Another simple solution to the problem would be to simply consult a traditional phone book or directory. Most people are still listed on the current phone directories so just look for his name and call up the people on the list until you exhaust the search. Checking college alumni directories is another option since these organizations regularly keep tabs on their members. If you know what company he works for, you may call up the company's office and ask for him or his contact details.

Private investigator. If all else fails and the search has become stagnant, then you last option would be to hire an experienced and reputable private investigator to track down the whereabouts of your former lover. Be prepared to pay a steep price if you have exhausted all the conventional search options. If your ex-boyfriend has Social Security or a Tax number, the P.I. should be able to find him soon enough.

With all the technologies used by so many people, it is highly improbable that your ex-boyfriend can't be found. These search strategies should be more than enough to guarantee that you find him.


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