How To Find an Ex Boyfriend Online

Getting over your boyfriend is probably the one of the most difficult things that you had to go through. However, as you move on with your life, there will come a time when you will begin to wonder how he is doing and where he is now. Since you have probably severed the communication with him as part of your moving on process, you may not know where to start in learning what has become of him and how well he is doing. With the vast reach of the Internet and the ever increasing people that use it for their everyday lives, it is actually quite easy to find your ex-boyfriend. Here are some search strategies that you can employ to search for your ex online.

Facebook. If you are not utilizing this social media site yet, then you are not taking advantage of the best way to keep in touch with long lost friends. With over 650 million active users, Facebook is now the number one social media networking site in the world. Go to and sign up for an account. Create and optimize your profile and start adding as many mutual friends as you can. Once these people add you to their network, you can go into their profile and search their inventory of friends to see if your ex-boyfriend is in there. If your search becomes stale using this strategy, you can always employ a simple search on the site. Enter the name of your ex-boyfriend and wait for the various profiles with the same name. Make sure to type his name correctly. If the name is common, then be prepared to sift through thousands of profiles with the same name. You may narrow your searches by hometown, college, and network as well.

Online phonebook. There are literally dozens of online white pages on the Internet nowadays that provides any person the ability to look for the address and contact numbers of virtually anyone listed in a typical phonebook. Some popular sites are,, and Do a quick search using your ex-boyfriends name and use your sleuthing skills to narrow the search. Another option would be to use an online yellow pages directory such as or if your ex-boyfriend is running a business. Search for the business name and you should be able to get the address and phone number of the business. Another great site to use for the search is where you can search for your former lover's name and it will scour the web for any person with that name that has some sort of Internet presence.

Google. Another effective way to know if your ex-boyfriend is on the Internet is through the premier search engine in the world. Google his name and hit search. Google should provide you with thousands of hits. Surf through each link and see if it matches the result you desire. If he has a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Multiply or any other blog or social media account, Google will definitely find it.

These 3 options are probably the most efficient ways in locating your ex-boyfriend. Other options like joining online forums relevant to your college or hometown would be great alternatives as well if the 3 options above fail.


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