How To Find an Online Guide for Marriage Counseling Resources

For those of you who want to rebuild your relationship or save your marriage, you need the right resources, guides and tools to help resolve your marital problems or save your marriage. Here are some sites with online guides for marriage counseling resources for couples counseling, premarital counseling, family counseling, or other counseling services that include a directory of books and counselors from whom you can seek advice, or answers to your questions. Learn how to save your marriage today!

  • Marriage Counseling Guide has one of the largest online directories of marriage counseling experts in the U.S. You just need to click on your state from a list of states or the U.S.A. map provided, and you will find a list of marriage counselors in your area you can contact.
  • The Family and Marriage Counseling Directory contains a list of counselors and therapists from your state. The site also provides several articles and resources related to marriage counseling and the family found in links to public forums for support and advice in Marriage and Relationship Forums, a list of therapists you can call through the Phone Counseling link; access to professional therapists live online through Online Counseling Chat; sources of marriage self-help programs through the Marriage Counseling Alternatives link, and a listing of Books related to relationships, marriage and family.
  • Marriage Counseling 4 U has an available Marriage Counseling Guide that contains effective methods to improve relationships shared by experts in couples counseling. The site has links to where you can get an eBook, individual audiobooks, or a set of 8 audiobook CDs with a Guide to Fix Your Relationship and how to Survive Infidelity.
  • is a good source that offers online marriage counseling, forums, professional referrals, opinions and news article to help improve their relationships. The following are some of the links, found on the site:
    • Love Advice from Dr. Tracy Cabot, a psychologist who specializes in romantic relationships, has a love advice column posted weekly and provides private counseling. She is known to have completed the world's first encyclopedia where you can search for advice about relationships.
    • Ottawa has resources for couples counseling, marriage counseling, family counseling, and marriage advice including resources on relationship advice, family therapy, infidelity and divorce. You can also find a directory where you can find marriage-counseling professionals.
    • Relationship Talk contains articles, forums and personal stories you can easily relate to and are able to discuss with friends and professionals.
    • Marriage Romance provides various stories to help you keep the romance in a Christian marriage.
    • The Marriage Toolbox has a compilation of advice and articles about all kinds of relationships. You can find a variety of tips and information on how to build a good marriage, answer questions, seek advice and resolve marital problems.

When searching for counseling services for couples counseling, premarital counseling, family counseling or marriage counseling the above listed sites can be used as your Online Guide for Marriage Counseling Resources. The sites provide various articles, books, forums, news, opinions and directories of professional therapists and counselors from which you can choose.  If you're interested in learning more about how counselors can help you resolve emotional problems, then you should know that online counseling courses can give you a better perspective on this incredible field. Some provide the information for free while others indicate the fees and costs charged.


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