How To Find Better Wedding Favor Bags

Wedding favors are a great way to express your appreciation for your guests, sponsors, and entourage who all made your wedding day extra special. There are many different kinds of wedding favors available in bridal shops and department stores today. Choosing the best kind of wedding favors to give away does not need to be stressful and costly. Whether your favors come in the form of food or figurines in big or small bags, it is always the sincerity behind the gift that truly matters.

If you are in search of better wedding favor bags than the ones you have in mind, here are some tips and suggestions you can follow.

1.    If you are choosing to give away goodies like chocolates or small fondant cakes as your wedding favors, it is best to choose those that are already packed in small bags so you can simply add ribbons and personalized labels to them. Usually, shops that sell such giveaways also give you the option to have them package the goodies for your wedding. This may be a good choice as it is practical and convenient.

2.    If you want to personalize your wedding favors and you choose to package it yourself, you can explore gift shops in a nearby mall and study how they wrap gifts, check out different kinds of wrapping papers and ribbons they have, and get ideas for what to put and how to print your own labels. Choosing to package your wedding favors by yourself adds a more personal touch to every gift and it saves you the additional cost of paying for wrapping and printing services.

3.    You can also check gift shops and online gift stores for the cost of readymade bags ribbons, and tags that you can use in wrapping your wedding favors. These shops have stocks of gift bags, ribbons and tags in a wide array of colors, sizes, and designs you can choose from. They may also offer big discounts if you buy in bulk.

4.    In choosing the bags for your wedding favors, make sure to select the one that can hold the items securely. If the items are breakable, find bags that come with a foam lining. If the items are edible ones like chocolates or small cakes, find bags made of thick cardboard material lined with plastic to protect the food and avoid having oil marks if ever they melt.

The bags you choose should also be appropriate for the size of the item you intend to put inside. Shops have a variety of bags that come in different shapes and sizes. You may want to bring a sample of your gift item when you shop for wedding favor bags so that you can be sure it fits perfectly.

5.    When buying wedding favor bags, remember to add a few extra bags in case you need them. Be very specific, too, when ordering your wedding favor bags. Provide a list of the exact color, design and size you want to order, and the exact number of pieces you need. Also, order the bags ahead of time so they can be delivered early and give you enough time to package your wedding favors.

Your wedding favor bags may be a small detail in your wedding but it sure adds a lot of charm to the occasion. Take the time that you need in choosing the perfect wedding favor bag for you and do not settle for anything less.


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