How To Find Domestic Violence Counseling

Domestic violence cases reviewed in a court of law often are referred to psychological assessment and counseling. Psychologists are fully trained professionals whose expertise is to provide you with an assessment of your domestic violence situation that is highly respected in the court. So if you are to find your own domestic violence counseling, these three ideas will immediately help you find a counselor.

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1.    Use the Yellow Pages.

This is one of the easiest and most familiar means to help you find a counselor. Check under the heading of psychologists. As you may notice, the list is not subcategorized according to their expertise. But you may also ask the psychologists and ask their specialization by dialing the numbers yourself. In some cases, those who need these counselors are hesitant to take the first move. Victims, often women and children, should have a guardian to make the call for them and to represent them.

2.    Try the online professional directories.

These are similar to the Yellow Pages and can be accessed through the Internet. There are a number of these that can provide you several lists of contact information for clinical psychologists in your respective area or region. However, this directory is not categorized according to expertise. Still, it is advisable to search specifically for domestic abuse, psychological evaluation, and the like. Then it will be easier for you to locate the name of a resident clinical psychologist.

3.    Consult your health insurance representative.

If you are out of resources, you can always ask your health insurance company. The way they pick counselors depends on your situation. So be particular in the details that you present. Specify incidents of domestic violence and abuse. After giving your statement, they can now forward your testimony to other providers that specialize in your type of case. Then you may ask the providers if they have particular rehabilitation programs or remedial programs that may work for you as you go along the process of counseling. They can even afford to give you shelter if you need to undergo psychological counseling or if you just need a place to rest.

Know your rights. When you are being abused, do not be afraid to report any incident or similar event. You need an expert to guide you. Or if the court obliges you to have domestic violence counseling done, take these tips seriously, and entrust yourself only to psychologists. Always remember that these psychologists are the only professionals who are most highly regarded by the court.

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