How To Find Funny Bride and Groom Figurines

Traditional figurines of the formal bride and groom are losing their appeal. In place of these you might see a number of wedding cakes with quirky, sweet and funny bride and groom figurines. If you are planning your wedding or wanting to give these as a gift then some suggestions of ways and sites that offer them are found below.

1.      Go to the nearest cake shop. They have a collection of cake toppers that you can choose from. Funny bride and groom figurines may not be something that they sell but you might get a good discount if they order that kind for you from their suppliers.

2.      Ask around at the bridal shop. Bridal shops can make arrangements and offer you partners that customize these types of figurines. Just check on other shops or options to compare rates before buying.

3.      Bridal magazines are all over bookstores and salons, check out advertisements by the dozens and you will definitely end up with a few numbers to call.

4.      Ask your cake decorator to create the figurines that you want. A few cake shops offer unique and humorous toppers. You can even request for a customized funny wedding cake with all the realistic designs that you request. You can check out You can book an appointment or order online. They have a popular television show called Ace of Cakes, so there might be a long wait time. Book as soon as you can.

5.      Online shops are the best and quickest way to get those figurines. You can view the various funny couples in these following websites:

  • Just Cake Toppers. They have a flat rate shipping fee of $9.95 for most states. You can choose from several funny figurines, from sexy, naughty and just plain hilarious.
  • Wedding Star. Open for local and international deliveries, you can find couples with extra add-ons like cars, signboards. A wife wearing the pants and a groom falling off the cake-these are just some examples of what you can find in this great site.
  • Fun Wedding Things. Here you can find their what are called drag and pulling away toppers-a bride dragging her husband away from football or beer or all the good times or a husband dragging his wife away from gambling or from jewelries.
  • Wedding Shower Gifts. The best and probably the most expensive cake toppers from the site are listed here. Tickle everyone's fancy by having figurines that look like you. Yes, this site customizes bride and groom figurines by copying photos. These are sculpted to get your likeness. Just fantastic.

Seeing the smiles from your guests when they see your funny figurines can be such a pleasant addition to such a joyous occasion. It brings a message to the people that your marriage is going to be fun filled and full of surprises.


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