How To Find Gay Chat Rooms

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The internet offers a number of ways to meet new people and keep in close touch with new and old friends.  Online chat rooms allow people to communicate in real-time.  Chat rooms can be text based, that is, sending text messages back and forth.  You can also do a voice chat or even a live video chat.

Finding a chat room

Gay men and women can easily find gay chat rooms online.  Here's how you can find one.

Determine the type of chat room you want to join.  Do you want to join a chat room that is exclusive to gay men, gay women or one that is open to both?  Are you looking for text chats only or do you want to chat via voice or thru a webcam?  What about fees?  There are chat rooms that offer free registration and ones that require you to pay a membership or monthly fee.  Some chat rooms charge extra for their premium services.

Search for chat rooms online.  Using your browser's search engine, look for the type of chat room you want to join.  Type "gay women chat room," "gay men chat room," or simply "gay chat room."

Thoroughly review the policies of the chat room.  Not all chat rooms will share your personal values.  There are chat rooms with explicit images that may not be to your liking.  Check out the chat room's policy on privacy, user agreement and community guidelines.  Also read the "About Us" section to get more information on the company/people running the chat room.

Try out the chat rooms.  There's really no way of telling whether a chat room is to your liking or not except to participate in the chats.  See how it goes.  You can ask long-time members of the chat room for feedback regarding the site or for suggestions of other chat rooms you can check out.  Remember not to give out too much personal data to your chat mates.  There are many unscrupulous people online so be extra careful.

Chat rooms to check out

  1. - has access to one-on-one chats, group chats, emails and more;  whether you are a gay man or woman, you can join for free or join as a premium member to unlock more features
  2. - they offer live cam chat rooms, gay chat lines, SMS text chats, 3G video chats and more for gay men; membership is free
  3. - both free and premium services are available for gay men and women; has basically the same features offered by other gay chat room.
  4. - available for gay men, women, bisexuals and even transgenders;  prides itself with using the latest technology to support their video chats, notices and instant message alerts
  5. - caters to gay women all over the world;  members can communicate with lesbians thru one-on-one chats or join public forums; membership is free
  6. - exclusively for gay men, this site has three levels of membership, standard, gold and platinum depending on the type of features you want available to you

Whether you are looking for love or just want to meet new friends, the internet is awash with great chat sights for gay men and women.  Chat with contacts as a community thru forums, on a one-on-one basis, live on a web cam or use voice chat.  Many gay chat sites are very respectful of their members and require that members conduct themselves appropriately.  So what are you waiting for?  Start looking for a chat room now!


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