How To Find Healthy Advice for Dating

When it comes to dating advice, it is important that you get it from someone reliable. Dating can be a confusing thing. Advice can be very helpful during dating periods.

Here are some tips on finding reliable and healthy advice for dating:

  1. Magazines - Try cracking open a magazine. Magazines have relationship advice columns written by psychiatrists and relationship experts. Although they usually write general dating advice, you may find that your dilemma is not at all different from the dilemmas of other people who date. You will be sure to find healthy advice from rational professionals who have had lots of experience in dating advice. If you have specific problems about dating, you can write a letter, or e-mail the columnist. There is usually an e-mail address and mailing address provided on the column.
  2. Internet - The Internet is always a good source for healthy dating advice. There are websites dedicated entirely to giving healthy dating advice and tips. Some are written by those who have been troubled by dating as well. The benefit of this is that the writers will understand your problems on a personal level. It will also be easier to connect to writers (or web master) because all you have to do is send out an e-mail. There is usually a ‘contact us’ button in the website, making it easier for readers to ask questions.
  3. Science - Something you may not know: dating is actually a science. Dating may seem like a very random thing. On the contrary, when you’re dating, things that happen in your body decide what the outcome will be. Our brain sends very specific chemicals to our body, depending on its reaction to the date. There are many scientists who actually offer their research as dating advice. Their dating advice helps you listen to body cues you may be ignoring.
  4. Friends and Family - Friends and family can actually help. Your friends and family know you especially well, as they have known you for most of your life. Healthy dating advice from your friends and family will be very beneficial to you because it will be personal.
  5. Psychiatrist - You can always trust your psychiatrist. If you have a psychiatrist, it is also good to ask him for dating advice. As psychiatrists are mental health professionals, you can be sure that they are giving you healthy dating advice. They are trained to make decisions and to give advice according to the best of your interests. Psychiatrists are tied to the common law of doctor-patient confidentiality, so you’re sure of your privacy. Unlike advice from friends and family, your psychiatrist’s advice will be unbiased and rational. Your psychiatrist will know underlying problems that may cause your dating troubles.

There are many sources for healthy dating advice. From magazines to websites, daters to scientists, there are many pieces of advice available. If you are having trouble with dating, all you have to do is choose from the source you trust the most. These simple tips will surely help you find healthy advice about dating.


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