How To Find Long Lost Friends on the Internet

As we live our day to day life, we are presented with tons of opportunities in meeting people and we are bound to stumble with a personality who would teach us some of life’s lessons and creep into the core of our being. These are the people we hold valuable. The people we call friends, associates, acquaintances, contacts and so much more.

Living in a fast changing world, there are times that we get caught up with the challenges life brings.  We then realize too late that some of our friends unintentionally slip away unnoticed. Over time, we feel the loss, making us yearn for their company. We then begin to reminisce and wish to reconnect with them.

We then wonder how we can possibly find them and reunite for the sake of old times. What’s great about this generation, everything is workable. So there is no need to be discouraged.  Thanks to the cyberworld and we have better chances of reconnecting with our dear, long lost friends.

Initially, there is a need for you to make a recollection of all the information you can remember about the person. Begin with the most basic search. Try to remember his first name, his middle name, and last name.  It would be a plus if you know the name of his father, his mother, his brothers and/or his sisters. You can also take note his address, his education, among others. If you have known him professionally, you can also consider the Industry, company and affiliations he is connected with, both the past and present would do us good. So try to recall all his basic information and this will lead you to the right way.

Now that you have all these information, you can leverage on the use of the Internet.

Let your fingers do the clicking using search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Just by mere typing in the first and last name, you might be able to get some results.  If the result shows heaps of pages, you can use a qualifier by adding “+” after the name, followed by the qualifier like the school he has attended during college.

You can also make use of the various social networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, Plurk, Multiply and other sites. Hand in hand with information collected, you can fill in fields like the fist name, last name, schools attended, or even the batch where he belongs.

When creating an account in those social networking sites, tag your profile for public viewing. In doing so, you might be able to find a common friend or acquaintance that will direct you to him.  For all you know, he might be looking for you as well.

If you are eager on finding somebody else, don’t hesitate to take the initiative of finding common friends that might lead you to him. If you know his family members or relatives, that is a good link as well. Use the power of email and ask about his whereabouts.

Reuniting with a long lost friend is something everyone yearns for. Do not give up hope. Remember, this can easily be done through the world of Internet!


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