How To Find Out when Someone Got Divorced

If there is a niggling doubt in your mind that your partner or boyfriend is not telling you the whole truth about his civil status, it is best that you investigate on your own to find out the truth. If is quite easy to say that you are still single or have been married but have been divorced for several years but somehow getting the assurance yourself contribute to your peace of mind and future happiness. There are several ways that you can employ to find out if a person had gotten a divorce. Here’s how.

  1. The County Clerk’s office is your best source of information. This is where all the divorce and marriage records of the citizens of that county are kept. Normally a marriage or divorce record is a public record but there are guidelines that are followed by individual counties and you may not be able to view the record unless you are one of the parties involved in the case or an attorney is representing you.
  2. You can either call the County Clerk’s office or visit their website to learn the procedures they follow for you to be able to get a copy of the divorce decree. You may have to create an account in their website, pay the appropriate fee and make your request and wait for it to be delivered to you by postal mail.
  3. If the County Clerk’s office is within driving distance, you may make a request for a copy of the divorce decree, pay the fee and then visit the office personally. This may be a faster way for you to get your copy immediately and not have to wait for County Clerk’s office to mail the document to you. In most cases, the request, when picked up personally is processed quickly.
  4. You can check those sites that provide online searches of public records. These are not free though, despite the ads that say otherwise. You have to provide the name of the person, the date of birth and if possible, that date of the divorce for a more effective search. You log on to the site and become a member, and pay the appropriate fee that the site will charge depending on the amount of information you need and do your search. There will be instances of name duplication so you have to provide as much detailed information as possible to narrow down your search. Be sure to check the refund policy of the website just in case you cannot find the actual document that you are looking for.
  5. If your boyfriend is from another state and you cannot find divorce records by other means, you may opt to hire the services of a private investigator. They have the capacity and the capability to do a more in-depth search for marriage and divorce records, among other things as they have more access to several databases. You have to know the terms and conditions before you hire one. Check out how much they will charge you for the amount of information that you need. Check also how they proceed with the investigation and what is their turn-around time.

With the right resources and determination, you can find out if your boyfriend has been divorced or not. When you have some doubts that would not go away, it is best that you follow your instincts and do a search for your own peace of mind.


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