How To Find Popular Recipes for Baby Food

When your baby's weight has doubled from the time she was born, then that means she's ready to take baby solids aside from taking baby formula. This is because baby nutrition demands an increase as your baby grows. So aside from buying another baby food, why don't you buy some fruits or vegetables and make baby food?

But before you go on with your grocery list, you should understand first that introducing baby food is not as easy as eating a burger. It is safe to ask your pediatrician first of the best baby nutrition food you can introduce at a certain month. Be observant of the different side effects of some baby solids to your little one. Some food may seem safe but if that will cause rashes or redness around the baby's mouth, then stop feeding that and try another.

Also, you can try pre-made baby solids like Gerber. Just make sure you check the background of the baby food maker so that you know the processor this maker used to produce the baby food.

But if you want to be more safe than sorry, then prepare your grinder and food processor and start your hunt for popular recipes for baby food. Here are some ways you can find the most interesting and nutritious food for your little angel:

  1. Baby food labels - Processed baby foods sometimes have recipes where that pre-made food is used in the recipe. However, this is very rare since pre-made food is already eaten as it is.
  2. Baby Books - If you have a baby book, check the table of contents and see if there is a chapter or two featuring baby food. Books on parenting and baby caring usually have recipes.
  3. Find baby recipes online - This can be the easiest way to go - you just need to visit the Web site, search for recipes and print the page. Here are some famous Web sites where you can find nutritious baby food recipes:
    • Wholesome Baby Foods - This is perhaps one of the, if not the, most famous Web site featuring baby food recipes. It's so easy to navigate this site; you can search depending on how old your baby is. There are foods for 4-6 months, 6-8 months, 8-10 months and 10-12 months. You will also get inspired to prepare menus for your baby. There are even ideas on combined baby recipes in case you want to advance your baby's eating habits. Other helpful information you can get from this site are about food allergies, baby food storage, books and discussions.
    • Baby Bites - This site is similar to Wholesome Baby Foods but it's not as popular. You can also find baby foods here grouped depending on how old your baby is. More than that, you can get finger food recipes as well. Perhaps the only edge tp this Web site is its newsletter. You just need to subscribe and you can enjoy the benefits of being in their newsletter subscribers' list.
    • Aside from this two sites, you may also look in popular recipe online resources such as,, and

Searching the Web will also lead you into getting free baby coupons. These baby coupons can be discounts for your local grocery stores or for buying pre-made baby food. However the coupons will be used, these are still as helpful as ever.

Now that you know where to find recipes, maybe it's time to choose the next baby food recipe you'll prepare for your lovely angel.


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